8 steps to a better version of you

Effective techniques that will make you a better version of yourself every day

EVERYONE HAS DREAMS and aspirations for their future, but attaining them takes work. Sometimes in the daily struggle of life, one can lose focus of their long-term goals trying to make ends meet. Getting stuck in a rut only to realize that you have yet to make any progress in achieving your goals can be incredibly frustrating. The only way forward in such a situation is self-improvement.

Self-improvement techniques have developed an ill reputation because there is a whole industry of influencers telling you about ‘hacks’ to achieve significant goals quickly. The reality is that there is no hack to achieving substantial milestones; it is all about thorough routine and focus. So, forget about self-improvement hacks and make the following changes in your lifestyle:

Read More Books

You can never have enough knowledge; reading books is the surefire way to attain it. Learning is not restricted to academia; books impart much information you generally would not find in your daily routine. There are dedicated self-help books that can guide you through the real experiences of some of the most successful people today.

You can find books on any topic that fancies you, and even if you dive deep into a novel purely based on fiction, it can do wonders for your cognitive abilities.

Be More Physically Active

Physical activity doesn’t always mean pushing yourself to the limit. You can have a healthy amount of movement without exhausting yourself, which will do wonders for your productivity. You can try yoga, as it improves your strength, balance and flexibility. You can also combine yoga and meditation, giving you time to slow down and reflect on your life. This remedy has proven effective for your overall mental well-being.

You can also go to the tried and tested workout route. Working out is an excellent way for your body to detox and let go of pent-up steam. With physical well-being, you will see effects like better mood and self-esteem, making you more than ready to take on the day!

Set and Focus on Your Goals

Sit down and write your goals, and keep a solid track of how far you have achieved them. Break your goals down into smaller milestones to make your tracking realistic too. You can take several steps towards financial security, and learning about them might help you refocus your trajectory.

You can also set goals for self-care, like walking every day for a fixed duration for a month or spending less on impulse purchases. Revisit your goals every few days and make changes if you have met your milestones.

Watch Your Intake

Dealing with the day’s tasks would be much easier when you have the energy. You may not realize it immediately, but what you eat and drink profoundly impacts your efficiency in your routine. Try to eat fresh foods and diversify your intake. Avoid takeouts as much as you can, and take some time to cook your meals at home. Not only will you save money, but you will be much healthier!

Don’t damage your body by indulging in excessive drinking or developing bad habits like smoking or substance use. These activities will only stray you from your ultimate goals. Read up online on how to quit drinking and smoking, so you can focus your time and energy on positive things for yourself.

Practice Kindness with Boundaries

Being kind is phenomenal for you and everyone around you. Not only does it improve people’s lives because of you, but it is also a two-way street, uplifting your mood too. Being kind means noticing people’s lives and trying to put yourself in their shoes. You will see what people around you need and why they act as they do.

Engage in unconditional acts of kindness like helping someone cross the road or helping someone struggling with their luggage. Reflect on those acts later and think about how they made you feel. But be careful with this dose of dopamine, as it can quickly shape you into someone who makes compromises just to please others. Learn to say no when someone is asking too much of you or if you cannot accommodate them. It is okay to say no every once in a while.

Learn to Be Grateful

You can only make huge leaps in self-improvement by appreciating what you are blessed with. It is always great to look back at everything you have and are grateful for. This will help you avoid falling into the throws of bitterness when something doesn’t break your way. You can always change that through practice if you are not naturally very positive. You can practice being grateful for what you have and start with a 30-day gratitude challenge.

Avoid Draining Activities

Do you often find yourself lost in scrolling through reels or browsing only to be frustrated at the time you failed? This is a habit that ultimately affects your mood. Analyze your activities and circle out things that drain you of your energy. At the same time, locate the activities that recharge you and make you feel fulfilled. While some of these activities may be unavoidable, like doing your laundry or other chores, you can control others.

Take steps to control the activities that drain you and make room for positive progress.

Learn the Importance of Rest

Sleep is inseparable from the healthy life of a human being. Proper sleep contributes to quicker and better decision-making, learning, mood, and sound mental health. Disturbed sleep for even one night can affect your whole week. A study on students compared their academic achievement based on the quality of their sleep, and the results greatly favored students with sound sleep.

The second is taking regular breaks during your day. Take some time out to decompress and process the events of the day. Doing this twice or thrice daily will give you a stronger mindset to take on the day’s tasks.

This story was created by Content Studio, TreeTown Media’s commercial content division, on behalf of the Canadian Centre for Addictions.

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