Commercial Activity: November 1, 2023

A summary of recent commercial real estate activity in London

Photo: An industrial building at 23 Swinyard Street sold for $1,100,000

470 Scenic Drive
type     Apartment building
price   $21,500,000
seller   Scenic Place Inc.
buyer  Equiton Residential Income Fund GP Inc.

469 Elizabeth Street
type     Multi-family four plex
price   $1,170,000
seller   Named individuals
buyer  A Square Holdings Inc.

23 Swinyard Street
type     Industrial building
price   $1,100,000
seller   Hetherell Construction Ltd.
buyer  737986 Ontario Ltd.

1830 Gainsborough Road
type     Industrial buildings
price   $1,600,000
seller   Hyde Park Farm Supply Inc.
buyer  Dekay Holdings Ltd.

Transaction information provided by Mark McManus of Valco Consultants Inc., 519-667-9050 ext. 234, [email protected]

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