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Up ahead of the Hard Rock Hotel addition, 100 Kellogg Lane grows its event and conference capacity

Photo: Chrystal Ferguson and Emily Barnes of 100 Kellogg Lane

TO BRING TO life the paintings of Van Gogh, or to turn the world of Disney animation into something you can walk, talk and breathe in, you’re going to need a pretty big room. Well, a pretty big room is what they’ve got at 100 Kellogg Lane, and it’s now helping them land bigger, more ambitious events, giving life to some of the entertainment complex’s more ambitious goals.

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The new 25,000-square-foot space, which they’re calling The Event Centre, is an expanded version of the Industrial Theatre Room at 100 Kellogg, which holds a few hundred. It’s the room that the complex has used to lure major touring acts, like Imagine Van Gogh and Immersive Disney over the past year or so. And it’s a key part of the facility’s plans to serve as a “one-stop shop,” say director of events Chrystal Ferguson and special events coordinator Emily Barnes.

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“It’s very different than our other event space,” Ferguson says. The capacity is larger, for one thing — it can hold up to 1,500 people versus the 250- to 300-person capacity of the Industrial Theatre. “It’s different also in the sense that it’s a little bit more finished than the Industrial Theatre Room, which has all the exposed piping and raw concrete. That is perfect in its own way, but if someone is looking for a more elevated event, it’s nice that we can offer something that is more finished and polished.”

Though some of the events they’re booking into The Event Centre are similar to those that would be on the radar of RBC Place London — trade shows, corporate conferences, galas and the like — Ferguson and Barnes say the unique nature of the facility also lends itself to targeting a bit of a different event crowd. The storied heritage of the buildings, along with the facility’s additional attractions, make it an ideal venue for big events like the recent Oktober Fall Fest, or grand ­spectacles like the Van Gogh or Disney experiences.

“We’re seeing the vision come to life. We’re very excited about the things we’re going to be bringing here” —Emily Barnes

“Such a part of what makes it unique not only is the ­historical venue itself, but that there are so many other things going on in the building,” says Barnes.

Of course, the Hard Rock Hotel London looms over the whole conversation here. Anticipated to open in late 2024, its arrival is a big piece of the puzzle for 100 Kellogg Lane as a complete destination location for large gatherings and touring events.

“We’re going to have the hotel here, so you can have your conference here and you can stay here,” Ferguson says. “There’s a Starbucks here if you want to get coffee; there’s four different dining venues on site. Literally, we can take any conference being hosted in London — where they now have to get a room somewhere else or go eat somewhere else — and everything can be done right here.”

Eventful expansion 100 Kellogg Lane Hospitality

Ferguson says the room is flexible enough to accommodate just about anything, from events and corporate bookings to weddings and parties. “We worked really hard to make it inviting and warm, and to get people in there to host their parties,” she says.

After hosing their first successful concert event — a David Wilcox show — in the space in October, Barnes says they’re soon going to announce a spring concert series commencing in February.

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“We’re seeing the vision come to life,” Barnes says. “We’re very excited about the things we’re going to be bringing here.”

“It’s forever changing,” Ferguson adds. “There’s the Children’s Museum coming in next year, the Hard Rock Hotel — it’s a big story. Not just The Event Space, but the whole building, the whole property. It’s pretty cool.” Eventful expansion 100 Kellogg Lane Hospitality Kieran Delamont

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