Replacement windows for your home: How to make the right choice

With the necessary information, you can select the right replacement windows for your home while avoiding unnecessary features and costs

IF YOU’RE CONSIDERING replacing old wooden or plastic windows or installing window systems in a new home or apartment, a few pointers will help you make the right decision. With only the necessary information, you can select the windows you require while avoiding unnecessary features and overpayments.

Examine the construction

The window profile should be considered first. Inside the profile are air chambers, the structure and number of which influence heat and sound insulation. The plastic profile must have metal reinforcement to provide strength and reliability to the entire structure. Special attention should be paid to the profile’s mounting width. If you need clarification on the required parameters, the consultants at the Ottawa window installation company can assist you.


Plastic is one of the best materials for replacement window frames. It is homogeneous, always maintains a pleasing appearance, does not require painting, is moisture resistant, and, when compared to wood, has a very low thermal conductivity. The most significant disadvantage of plastic is its susceptibility to deformation in harsh winters or hot summers. This issue can be easily resolved by reinforcing the profile at the factory when making windows.

Replacement windows for your home: How to make the right choice replacement windows Partner Spotlight


Purchasing a PVC profile with a glossy surface is recommended because it is less prone to dirt. In contrast to the matte surface, trapped dirt is easy to clean and does not penetrate.

Air chambers

Modern plastic window profiles consist of 3-6 cavities filled with air along their entire length. If you live in the southern region and the street or yard outside your window is quiet enough, you can use a 3-chamber profile system because they are certified and meet the necessary standards.

The number of panes within the insulating glass unit

The principle is the same as for profile chambers. Double-glazed windows are made with one, two, or three chambers filled with inert gas (argon or krypton), as well as anti-resonance, which has a different distance between the panes to help dampen street sounds. Keep in mind that the more glass there is in the window, the heavier it becomes, putting more strain on the hardware and increasing its requirements.

Type of glass

For everyone, we recommend multifunctional glass with multilayer spraying, which protects against the sun in the summer and prevents heat loss in the winter. On the first and last floors, it is recommended to install safe impact-resistant glass, one of which is tempered glass. Such glass is extremely difficult to break, and even if it does, the shards pose no threat because they will all remain on a special film.


In addition to standard handles, there are removable and lockable versions. Standard handles are unsuitable for households with small children. It is far safer to be able to remove the handle or close the window using the built-in lock. Locks come in a variety of designs and can be installed not only on the handle but also in the window’s PVC profile.

Replacement windows for your home: How to make the right choice replacement windows Partner Spotlight


When selecting hinges, you should first consider the quality of the metal and the absence of misalignment and other flaws. The type of hinge is not as important; both standard surface-mounted and concealed mortise hinges perform equally well. From a design standpoint, the concealed version appears more stylish.


First and foremost is the lamination in any color, which can be used both inside and outside. There are many colors to choose from, and when laminating, there is the option to select a texture, such as “underwood” of the preferred species. The decorative layout of different configurations and colors, which visually divides the glass into zones, completely alters the perception of the windows.

Many replacement window companies provide their customers with smart film, which can be installed even on already installed windows. “Smart film” allows you to easily adjust the transparency of the glass using a remote control. In other words, it is a very elegant alternative to curtains and blinds. Mirrored glass in a variety of colors is in high demand for office buildings, as it provides protection from the sun and prying eyes.

Non-standard shapes of metal-plastic windows are no longer an issue; anything that captures the imagination can be made to order: arched, round, oval, triangular, and trapezoidal.


Make the right decision based on the information in this article. Wooden windows are installed for a long time, and replacing them should be approached with caution. In such cases, haste should be avoided; instead, explore all nuances.

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