Opening New Doors

A strategic partnership helps an advanced chemical analysis firm
expand its offerings and reach

Photo: Amer Ebied

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS ARE a necessary part of business, but are also fraught with complexities, unknowns and the risks associated with bringing in an outside organization to work with. But, when done correctly, such partnerships can result in a much greater whole than the sum of their parts.

PolyAnalytik Inc., a London-based company specializing in polymer analysis and testing, is betting on the latter with their recently announced partnership with Tosoh Bioscience LLP.

Tosoh provides liquid chromatography products to laboratories and manufacturing plants in the Americas, and will begin working with PolyAnalytik on sales and distribution, as well as research and development projects. Based in Pennsylvania, Tosoh Bioscience is a subsidiary of Tosoh Corporation in Japan, the parent of the Tosoh Group, which comprises 141 companies worldwide.

“Partnering with Tosoh is allowing us to provide a ­complete solution to our clients” —Ahad Al-Hakim

As a company with a global footprint, PolyAnalytik founder, Amer Ebied, says London has been an ideal home base for growing the company internationally.

“It’s worked out very well for us,” says Ebied. “I’m a Londoner, I love London and we have an opportunity to continue to grow and bring more jobs to the city.”

PolyAnalytik services a wide range of sectors, including academia, oil and gas industries, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and more. “We provide testing for our clients in their R&D stage, product development, QA/QC and lot-release testing of product manufacturing, as well as pharmacopeia testing,” explains Ahad Al-Hakim, operations and sales assistant at PolyAnalytik.

Through state-of-the-art testing, the company can assess potential risks and variables to better understand their effects on the polymer’s properties.

“The results are improved design, performance, and function of products containing polymers in any industry,” says Al-Hakim. “Our team comprises a number of scientific experts in polymer chemistry, making us leaders in terms of polymer characterization and testing.”

When working in such a complex industry, you can’t do everything in-house, and the chromatography work that Tosoh Bioscience specializes in is a natural complement for PolyAnalytik. By creating this new partnership, the two companies are aiming to bolster each other’s success while creating new opportunities for growth within the polymer industry.

For their part, PolyAnalytik will ­support Tosoh Bioscience in their chromatography separation line with sales, distribution and product and analytical support, taking responsibility for all of Canada and 30 of the most eastern states in the U.S. There is also ongoing collaborative work on a number of R&D projects that could potentially turn into job-generation opportunities for chemists, biochemists and other highly technical scientific trades.

“Partnering with Tosoh is allowing us to provide a ­complete solution to our clients,” says Al-Hakim. “We can now help them figure out what works best for their industry in terms of either purchasing the necessary products, instrument or analytical columns—Tosoh Products, if needs and budget are met—or we can provide ongoing analytical service support for their products.”

To avoid common pitfalls, PolyAnalytik has put extensive thought into the structure of the partnership. “We are service providers for our clients. As their product needs change and increase, we have the in-house expertise to help them implement the proper instruments, methods and techniques,” explains Al-Hakim. “We provide ­support in terms of system and instrument sales and setup, method transfer and training services when acquiring new instruments.

“This partnership complements our analytical services and we don’t foresee any disadvantages in the near or far future.” Opening New Doors TechAlliance

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