Success with Zomaron: The Wolfe Pack Inc.

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Photo: Justin and Gregg Wolfe, Owners, The Wolfe Pack Inc.

WE OPERATE THREE RESTAURANTS, The Early Bird, Wolfe of Wortley and our newest place, Los Lobos on Talbot Street. We made the switch to Zomaron from our previous payment processing provider a few years back. At the time, our decision to switch was based primarily on fees—Zomaron was able to offer better rates than any other payment processor. We know because we shopped around. With hardly anyone using cash anymore, every little bit of savings on the processing end helps out.

I THINK THE UNEXPECTED benefit for us was just how personable the service has been with Zomaron. To have someone local to call, and to have a business partner that comes around just to check in and see how things are going is really, really nice. They are amazing to deal with.

AS A BUSINESS OWNER, it seems like there are so many hands in your pocket along the way—with little benefit. So it’s great when you can find a reliable partner that offers rich benefits with their service. Zomaron’s deep industry knowledge, excellent customer service and leading platform technology offers an incredible value for low cost.

FROM THE FIRST DAY we started using Zomaron, they have provided the highest quality of service—being extremely flexible and available to help oversee our payment processing performance. Any time there has been an issue they’ve always been one easy phone call away to sort it out.

ZOMARON HAS ALSO BEEN able to handle some unique challenges for us, as well. For example, when we were setting up the new patio at Los Lobos, we discovered that the tint on the processing machines, which we needed so our customers could read the display in sunlight, interfered with the machine’s WiFi reception. In no time, Zomaron solved our problem by swapping out the machines with terminals that used a mobile network connection rather than WiFi.

IF YOU HAVE A RESTAURANT, it’s really important to be able to handle customer payments quickly and easily—it’s a key to keeping customers happy and coming back. You can do everything right, but if a customer is held up when it comes to paying, it can overshadow all of that. That is why we continue to stay with Zomaron. We can always rely on their technology and service to keep our customers happy.

Success with Zomaron: The Wolfe Pack Inc.  Promoted

Today’s diners not only expect exceptional food when eating out, but they also expect a fast, simple payment process that makes it easy to pay with their credit and debit cards. Quick service keeps patrons coming back, and Zomaron’s processing solutions allow wait staff to focus more on food service and less on payment issues. Check out how Zomaron can save you money and streamline your operations with processing ­solutions designed for the food and beverage industry. Serving thousands of satisfied clients, ­Zomaron’s dynamic team is ready to help: | 1-888-900-9192

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