Social Capital: Colin Nash

Passion: London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London

“My passion is the hospitals. Born and raised with five brothers, in and out of hospitals my entire life—we were all athletic and always beating the heck out of each other—we’ve used those hospitals quite a bit. Giving back to those hospitals—LHSC and St. Joe’s—is a primary concern for me.

My passion for philanthropy grew over time. My father was always a huge philanthropist as well. When I started taking over the business, I learned everything from him, all the different donations he used to do, and I started getting into the same swing of things.

The Country Classic Auction in support of LHSC was my first fundraising experience with the hospitals. To this day, I remember how impressed I was with the turnout, the passion and overall vibe of the event. I think that opened my eyes to the philanthropy of our city and just how effective it can be. It’s an event I continue to attend every year.

I’m a member of the LHSC board of directors, and have also been involved with the St. Joe’s board. I learned that I love the culture, and realized how important these institutions are to our community. I think that’s why I choose to go this route—to donate to the hospitals and, really, support just about everything and anything to do with them.
Giving back, it’s very fulfilling. It fills a little more of that spiritual side, the emotional side. I consider myself very fortunate, and I try to live life that way.”

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