Success with Zomaron: Grow & Bloom Co.

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Photo: Bobby Darling and Robin Lavery

BOBBY AND I had our own freelance businesses. Bobby is a florist by trade and he’s worked in many flower shops; I’m a horticulturist by trade. Someone introduced us in the fall of 2016. We didn’t even really know each other—we just connected and decided to do our own thing. Our business has been established since June 2017. We offer full-service florals—everything from large events to everyday flowers.

OUR FIRST YEAR of business has been really interesting. A lot of people told us Richmond Row was going to be bad, that we wouldn’t be successful because there were three businesses here before us that failed within a year. But we’re good; we’re okay. What we love is the diversity of our clients, the diversity of our work, and the community support.

WE FIRST HEARD about Zomaron through a referral from another local business. We kind of hemmed and hawed for a while about what system we were going to use, but ­Zomaron recommended the talech point-of-sale system. It is so efficient and so simple to use; we got into it right away.

WITH TALECH, WE basically put in photos of all our ­inventory and it manages our stock for us. The cool thing is, even when I’m at home I can see who sold what at what time. It also ­provides great analytics. If I want to go back and look at Christmas last year, I can go back and see what the sales were and plan accordingly.

Success with Zomaron: Grow & Bloom Co.  Promoted

THE TALECH SYSTEM tracks inventory, manages stock, and does inventory counts. It’s a huge timesaver. When we first started, we were using paper receipt books. We were going through a book a day! It’s saving a lot of paper, so it’s good for the ­environment, and it’s saving us a boatload of time. And we don’t have to print off reports—our accountant just logs into it and gets what she needs.

FOR US, THE savings realized through using the talech system have been time savings. Efficiency is a big thing, and we’re way faster than when we were filling out paperwork. The system also allows us to email customers their receipts as opposed to printing them out. We can just email it to them and away they go.

WHEN WE’VE RUN into a problem or something we’re not sure of, we’ve called Zomaron and they are able to assist us right away. Not just phone service—if you need assistance that can’t be done over the phone, they come right to you and help you out. There is a lot of value in that.

Success with Zomaron: Grow & Bloom Co.  Promoted

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