Social Capital: Ryan Schroeyens

Meet the Londoners working to make a meaningful difference in our community

Ryan Schroeyens, President, PA Shop

Passion: Lexus of London Golf Classic and Dr. Joseph Chin, Professor of Surgery, Division of Urology, London Health Sciences Centre

“The Lexus of London Golf Classic is set for its eighteenth year on June 25 at The Oaks Golf Club. The gala takes place the day before, June 24, at the Lexus of London dealership. I’m passionate about supporting the tournament, Dr. Joseph Chin and the prostate cancer fight in as many ways as I can.

I attended the tenth gala and have been attending every gala since. I’ve been playing in the tournament since year eleven. Through in-kind and monetary means, the PA Shop and my family, including my brother, Kyle, and father, Ron, have supported the tournament and prostate cancer awareness and research upwards of about $85,000 to $90,000, and PA Shop resources have been used at the gala every year since year 10.

Early on, when I started doing some work for this cause, I didn’t know a lot about it and certainly didn’t know it would directly impact my family. But in or around year 13 or 14, my uncle was diagnosed with fairly aggressive prostate cancer. Right away, I told him to get a referral to Dr. Chin. He did, and Dr. Chin ended up doing the surgery. He’s been clear ever since; it saved his life.

When you talk to the survivors and their families, that’s when it really hits home. We’ve all been inspired by this cause. We all really believe we can make a difference, and when you see it in the eyes of the survivors and the people close to them, it truly does impact you.”

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