Success with Zomaron: Five Star Barber Shop

Five Star Barber Shop honours the trade’s past while also redefining its future

Photo: Daniel Lopez, Director, Five-Star Barber Shop

BACK IN 2006, I moved to Brazil for a year. I used to visit a neighbourhood barber shop and I became fascinated with how the community and the barber would interact. People would come in for advice, or bring in a coffee and talk for a bit. The shop was so much more than just a business; it was a part of the fabric of the community. Before that, I had never really thought of barbering as a profession, but that experience really changed my outlook.

WE OPENED FIVE Star in 2013. Looking back, we opened at a good time. Barbering was sort of a lost art, but the barber shop culture really started to develop around the world right about the same time we opened our doors. New styles and new techniques were being shared, and the whole barber shop industry took a big turn and developed quickly.

WE WERE A cash-only business for the first couple of years of operation. Most of our clients knew this, but hey, this is the 21st century and nobody carries cash anymore. We realized we had to change. That’s when we met with Zomaron. They came in and got to know our business and took the time to understand our particular needs. They were able to recommend a personalized debit and credit payment processing system that has been perfect for us. We should have done it sooner!

Success with Zomaron: Five Star Barber Shop  Promoted

ZOMARON’S RECOMMENDATION WAS the Siris Point-of-Sale system. It’s almost like having our own personal administrative assistant. We rely on it for our scheduling and appointments, and the built-in inventory management system allows us to easily keep track of our product—what sold, when it sold, and what needs re-stocking and re-ordering. It’s really helpful to not have to concern ourselves with those tasks; we can just cut hair.

THE SIRIS POS has been so reliable and easy to use that we haven’t needed to reach out for support. The only time we needed assistance was after our cleaning service inadvertently unplugged the whole system. We weren’t too sure what needed to be done, so we placed a call to Zomaron. Within a half-hour, we had a technician in our shop helping to get us back up and running. What we didn’t realize is that, unless we unplug the whole system, Siris will never lose connection even if our Wi-Fi goes down. It’s built to always stay live so that we never have to worry about a system failure during a sale.

OUR FIVE-YEAR PLAN is to open additional Five Star Barber Shops in London. I see lots of opportunity to expand, and Siris POS is such a great system to help us scale. Not only is it an extremely affordable system in comparison to other POS systems, but it can effortlessly accommodate more barber profiles and accounts at other locations. We’re really excited about what the future holds.

Success with Zomaron: Five Star Barber Shop  Promoted

If you run an appointment-based business, we know you deal with many unique opportunities and ­challenges every day. Check out how Zomaron can save you money and streamline your operation by customizing your payment processing solutions to work in favour of your business: | 1-888-900-9192

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