Social Capital: Fatimah Abbass

Meet the Londoners working to make a meaningful difference in our community

Fatimah Abbass

Passion: Youth Opportunities Unlimited

“I’VE BEEN VOLUNTEERING with Youth Opportunities Unlimited for a couple of years. This year, I sat on the Breakfast for YOU Committee and helped gather sponsors, donations and volunteers. But YOU is just one of my passions.

My personal life is very much intertwined with my volunteer life, and I’m also involved with community initiatives with the Cross Cultural Learner Centre, Pillar Nonprofit Network, Canadian Mental Health Association and many more. I support things that I care about―youth, mental health, education, homelessness, food security. You know that with a shift in circumstances it could be any one of us who needs the help. Sometimes I help with fundraising or a special event, other times it is personal storytelling or helping newcomers to the city feel welcomed and connected to their new community. I love connecting people to resources, organizations, events and opportunities.

When I graduated from Western, I made an intentional choice to stay in London. I have a sense of belonging here. I’m passionate about meeting and getting to know people, and I love to see individuals get involved in and excited about London and civic engagement.

Humanitarian initiatives are tied to my sense of self. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the state of affairs in the world, and I remind myself: focus on where you are. The agencies I volunteer with are all involved in building community and building capacity. There’s lot to be done in our community, but many organizations are doing what they can to bridge gaps. I want to support them so that they can continue to do the amazing work they do.”

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