Success with Zomaron: Airshow London

Celebrating all things aviation and giving back to the community, Airshow London continues to climb to new heights

Photo, from left: Gerry Venderhoek (London International Airport), Larry Weir (Fanshawe College Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology) and Dave De Kelver (Airshow London)

GOVERNED BY A board of directors from the private, public and educational sectors, Airshow London is a not-for-profit event that supports Fanshawe College’s School of Aviation Technology students, Children’s Hospital, local veterans, and over 100 non-profit organizations in city. The show is also an important contributor to the City of London’s rich culture, aviation heritage, and defence industries. Airshow London has grown to become the largest military jet display in North America and is the only major show in Canada where kids under 12 get in free.

AIRSHOW TICKET PURCHASERS are typically last-second buyers, meaning we must have a smooth and seamless process for purchasing tickets at the gate. It has to be quick and easy, whether it be at our main gates, souvenir shops, or licensed areas. These days, people carry less cash with them, and dependable processing technology is key to ­giving consumers the payment options they expect.

WE ENGAGED WITH Zomaron because their technology was used by some of the businesses managed by our founding partners and they were very impressed with the service they had been receiving. In 2016, the first year of Airshow London, we had terrific support from the Zomaron team right on-site. They were even helping sell tickets on our behalf! We could not have survived that first year without them—they were critical to our success in the early going—and they have continued to support us since.

IN MANY WAYS, Airshow London is no different than any business; we need first-rate payment processing technology that works. But when your business is temporarily located in the middle of an airfield, it makes that requirement even stronger. Having great equipment and dependable, robust networking is key to making sure those transactions are processing. Zomaron provides that.

Success with Zomaron: Airshow London  Promoted

AIRSHOW LONDON HAS also leveraged the Zomaron Reach network to help advertise and market the show. We’ve heard a number of accounts from people who decided to come to Airshow London because they saw our video clip while in the waiting room of a medical building or business office and thought it looked like a cool event to be at. Which it is!

THE SERVICE WE have received from Zomaron has been nothing short of excellent. They are always there to help us in any way to ensure the success of the show, regardless of any direct benefit to Zomaron. It’s a true partnership, and Airshow London is fortunate to have partners like Zomaron.

Success with Zomaron: Airshow London  Promoted

Zomaron makes it easy to accept credit and debit card payments from anywhere, including temporary or remote locations. Check out how Zomaron can save you money and streamline your operations by customizing your payment processing solutions to work in favour of your business: | 1-888-900-9192

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