Social Capital: Kyla Woodcock

Meet the Londoners working to make a meaningful difference in our community

Kyla Woodcock

Passion: United Way Elgin Middlesex

“I didn’t volunteer very much when I was growing up, so now I want to make up for lost time! I connected with the United Way when I founded the Forest City Sport & Social Club almost 10 years ago for two reasons: I was looking for a way to give back, and I also wanted to connect with and attract young people who were already invested in community-building.

In the spring of this year, I accepted the role of United Way’s 2018 chief changemaker and campaign chair. I had no experience with fundraising, so it’s been a steep learning curve. The United Way team has been wonderful, and helped recruit a solid cabinet of 18 people who have leadership roles in the companies they work for and who are volunteering their time and talent to this year’s campaign. They are an exceptional group!

I have been a United Way supporter for a long time, and this was a very unique and humbling opportunity to do more and to give more than I ever have before. The campaign this year is aimed at raising money that will fuel solutions to local poverty and remove barriers to youth success.

The United Way funds 97 local agencies that deliver critical services to members of our community—services that help children and families in London and area to cope with and overcome the burden of poverty and mental health challenges. There’s a lot to be done in our community. If I give and you give, together we can give opportunity to all of our neighbours.

It’s been a real departure for the United Way to have an entrepreneur from a small business in this role. It’s really been a wonderful experience, and next year I’ll still be involved, supporting and mentoring the next campaign chair.”

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