Success with Zomaron: Grand Theatre

A new and innovative donation kiosk allows the Grand Theatre to connect with donors like never before

Photo: Suzanne Lanthier, Director of Development, Grand Theatre

THE GRAND THEATRE has roots that date back to 1901. It was in 1971 that we became a professional theatre company, and the name Grand Theatre was established in 1983.

THE SIZE OF the organization varies depending on the time of year and the size and scope of the productions that are in rehearsal and/or on the stages. We have administrative staff, a scene shop where all of our sets are built and painted, wardrobe and props departments, and a host of guest artists that join us throughout the season. We also have about 150 volunteers that are critical to our day-to-day operations.

Success with Zomaron: Grand Theatre  Promoted

AT THE GRAND Theatre, we are World Curious and London Proud, and with that, it’s important for us to partner with London-based companies. We had been noticing a lot of news articles and community buzz around Zomaron, so we started to do some research about them. Simultaneously, Zomaron reached out to us to talk about their donation kiosks. When we went out to see the technology, we were sold almost immediately. Really, it was perfect timing and a great fit to our needs.

ONE OF THE opportunities we have at the Grand is to capture the passion of theatregoers in the moment. Our current methods of accepting donations over the phone and online work well, but we are always looking for new ways to support the work we do on our stages, in the community, and with our youth programs.

THE DONATION KIOSK provides a way for patrons to give back to the theatre instantaneously. We know that fewer and fewer people carry cash today, and the donation kiosk provides the technology for someone to give immediately, and to immediately receive a charitable tax receipt. Whether by debit card, credit card, Apple Pay—all of the various platforms are supported through the kiosk.

Success with Zomaron: Grand Theatre  Promoted

SO FAR, THE reaction to the donation kiosk has been fantastic. On an annual basis, we have approximately 100,000 people come through the doors, and we’re also seeing a huge breadth of new audience members coming to the theatre for the first time and falling in love with what they see on our stages. The kiosk is giving us a way to capture that inspiration, helping us reach our financial goals and expand our donor base.

I HAVE A lot of friends and colleagues in the not-for-profit and charitable sector, and I am quick to speak very highly about the donation kiosk. From an operational standpoint, it decreases the workload for your administrative staff and increases your ability and capacity to bring in donations. It really makes it easier for a donor to give, and ultimately, as a fundraiser, that is what you want. You want to create an opportunity where it is as easy as possible for a patron to make a donation to support something they’re passionate about, in the here and now.

Success with Zomaron: Grand Theatre  Promoted

If your organization depends on raising funds, Zomaron’s unattended self-serve donation kiosk gives your donors the ability to make a donation in just seconds. Check out how this cashless solution can increase your donor base and introduce a new and innovative funding stream: | 1-888-900-9192

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