Best Places to Work 2019: Medium Business

Meet the Best Places to Work 2019 Medium Business recipients

Salon Entrenous

Industry: Beauty / Hair Salon
Employees: 37
Year Founded: 1985

Best Places to Work 2019: Medium Business Cover StoryScore:
Overall Engagement: 90.42%

Dedication: 4.74
Effort: 4.56
Interest: 4.26
Net Promoter: 100%

LOCATED IN THE heart of Richmond Row, Salon Entrenous and its team of award-winning stylists provide clientele with a complete range of hair styling services and an extensive selection of professional products in an inspiring and relaxing environment.

Why we think our organization is a great place to work: Salon Entrenous’ mission is to cultivate an environment where everyone is able to pursue ongoing professional and personal success. Our culture is built on care and connection between the members of our staff, and between the staff and owners. Salon Entrenous was established in London specifically to give top-tier artists a place to work and expand their craft with access to all the professional opportunities and development that they would have in larger cities such as Toronto or Montreal, while being able to build a personal life that is more unique to this city.

Examples of implemented actions that make our organization a great place for employees: Our stylists all pick their own schedules, enabling flexibility for those concerned with childcare and encouraging self-care. Ongoing education is entirely or partially covered by the salon, numerous times annually, including international opportunities—this year four stylists will be travelling to Los Angeles; last year three travelled to Barcelona.

What our employees are saying: “I am 35, and because of the support I have from the salon, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible” —Julie Vriesinga, Artistic Director

adHOME Creative

Industry: Advertising / Marketing / Digital Agency
Employees: 26
Year Founded: 1999 (as Surge Communications)

Best Places to Work 2019: Medium Business Cover StoryScore:
Overall Engagement: 90.16%

Dedication: 4.69
Effort: 4.54
Interest: 4.30
Net Promoter: 100%

ADHOME CREATIVE IS an advertising agency working in all facets of traditional media, web and mobile development as well as digital services and social media, with an impressive roster of regional and national clients such as Maple Leaf Foodservice, P&G, CertainTeed, Make-A-Wish Canada, Merial and the University of Toronto.

Why we think our organization is a great place to work: From the moment you walk into our building it becomes apparent how much we value a positive work environment. From the motivational phrases on our walls to our bright comfortable space, there’s good vibes all around. Our collaborative culture encourages the sharing of ideas where respect for each other’s input and recognition of accomplishments is a priority. Our energetic team actively leads social events, team building exercises and learning opportunities that enhance personal career development.

Examples of implemented actions that make our organization a great place for employees: We value a variety of activities that foster transparency, learning and purpose. Our Blue Door Initiatives offer our team a chance to give back to the community though projects that hold personal meaning. Monday Breakfast Club, Home Skooled Sessions and Wine Down Fridays are among the many interactive events that encourage achievement and appreciation. Our active internship program rewards young talent with meaningful experiences. Project teams and flexible schedules help balance personal and career needs.

What our employees are saying: “adHOME genuinely cares about creating a positive team experience. There’s a true sense of camaraderie and warmth among our very diverse group of talented people who are deeply invested in what we’re doing. Whether we’re exploring exciting unique challenges or seeking professional development opportunities, we’re always learning something new.”  —Javier Rodriguez, Digital Marketing Manager

Media Sonar

Industry: Information Technology / Analytics / Social Media
Employees: 43
Year Founded: 2012

Overall Engagement: 90.14%

Dedication: 4.70
Effort: 4.56
Interest: 4.26
Net Promoter: 86.67%

MEDIA SONAR PROVIDES a social media and online intelligence platform that supplies corporate and public safety organizations with enhanced capabilities for aggregating and filtering data in an easy-to-use solution that also provides analysis and report functionalities that enables actionable intelligence.

Nuts for Cheese

Industry: Food processing
Employees: 20
Year Founded: 2015

Overall Engagement: 89.17%

Dedication: 4.67
Effort: 4.31
Interest: 4.40
Net Promoter: 91.67%

NUTS FOR CHEESE produces and distributes a line of handcrafted vegan cheeses made from cultured, organic cashews. Sold in variety of markets, retail outlets and grocers across Canada, the vegan cheeses are plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free and are offered as hard wedges, spreads, and cream cheeses with varying degrees of sharpness.

Zucora Home

Industry: Consumer Service / Manufacturing
Employees: 48
Year Founded: 1979 (as Magi Seal Corporation)

Best Places to Work 2019: Medium Business Cover StoryScore:
Overall Engagement: 86.05%

Dedication: 4.43
Effort: 4.38
Interest: 4.10
Net Promoter: 95.65%

ZUCORA HOME IS Canada’s largest provider of home furnishing and appliance protection plans and customer care programs. Servicing individual consumers through to some of the largest retailers throughout North America, Zucora Home also formulates and manufactures its proprietary products in London.

Why we think our organization is a great place to work: At Zucora Home, our entire team are known as “Zucorians,” and it’s their enthusiasm, energy and desire to help our customers that best illustrates the essence of our company culture. All Zucorians are encouraged to be a changemakers with opportunities for their ideas to contribute to a number of employee-driven initiatives, ranging from community fundraising to making an impact on the environment. Employees are encouraged and rewarded for ideas and suggestions for how Zucora Home can be better and do better.

Examples of implemented actions that make our organization a great place for employees: In addition to being challenged and inspired every day, Zucorians enjoy full health benefits program, participate in a generous profit-sharing plan, have the option to participate in a company-sponsored registered retirement savings program and have funding available for personal education and training. In addition, Zucora Home has employee-driven committees that integrate Zucorians from all areas of the company to help build a family atmosphere so change can be made by sharing ideas, experiences and working together.

 What our employees are saying: “Zucora Home is a place to build your career and have fun at the same time—a work hard, play hard environment. Whether you are working independently or as a group, someone is always willing to provide a helping hand if needed. I also love the new committees that have recently been created, allowing employees to provide feedback and ideas and make big changes within Zucora Home in a positive way.” —Chantelle VanPuymbroeck, Zucora Home Ambassador

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