Best Places to Work 2019: Small Business

Meet the Best Places to Work 2019 Small Business recipients

Signature Graphics

Industry: Marketing / Design / Branding
Employees: 10
Year Founded: 1978

Overall Engagement: 92.78%
Dedication: 4.92
Effort: 4.88
Interest: 4.13
Net Promoter: 100%

SIGNATURE GRAPHICS IS a leader in the creative design, production and implementation of corporate identity products, including all types of corporate and promotional signs, trade show displays and exhibits, point-of-purchase displays and custom-designed vehicle lettering and wraps.

Why we think our organization is a great place to work: Signature Graphics is an upbeat, vibrant and fast-moving work environment that houses a team of creative and diverse individuals. Our organization wouldn’t be the same without the amazing work that our team does every day. We pride ourselves on nurturing their incredible talents, skills and ideas in an open-concept design throughout our office and showroom, where team brainstorming sessions are the norm.

Examples of implemented actions that make our organization a great place for employees: We recognize that work takes up a large part of our employee’s lives. That’s why we embrace flexible hours to pick up your kids, work from home or leave early for appointments. We also love getting to know and celebrating each other at several events in and outside of the workplace. From ping-pong and bag toss breaks throughout the day to not-for-profit community events, you’ll often find our small team of 10 all hanging out, enjoying a beer (or two)!

What our employees are saying: “We believe in making the most of our time here. As a small team, we depend on everyone’s individual strengths, and we trust each other. We work hard, but we make sure to laugh just as hard.” —Cheyney Steadman, Graphic Designer

1st Choice Home Solutions

Industry: Home Improvement / Residential Contracting
Employees: 10
Year Founded: 1996

Overall Engagement: 90.93%

Dedication: 4.78
Effort: 4.58
Interest: 4.28
Net Promoter: 100%

For over 20 years, 1st Choice Home Solutions has been providing high-quality home improvement products and services to customers in London and surrounding area, including roofing, windows, siding, doors, eavestroughs, skylights and sun tunnels.  

Why we think our organization is a great place to work: As a family-owned and operated company, we believe in working together as a team. We are dedicated to building something special—a business that is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. We encourage new ideas and motivate employees with ongoing opportunities and incentives to learn, develop and grow within the company. Our company provides a fun, open and energetic environment that supports honesty and transparency.

Examples of implemented actions that make our organization a great place for employees: As our company grows, so does the support system for staff. Our company offers flexible hours, working from home options and new position opportunities. We make sure to implement team-building activities, including team builds for Habitat for Humanity and staff trips. We are always looking for new ways to reward our staff to keep them motivated and feel appreciated.

What our employees are saying: “When I was hired, I was told that it was for my personality and my values. It didn’t take me long to realize what that meant, and how everyone here has those same values. We are approachable and respectful of each other, which makes coming to work enjoyable.” —Tanya Scott, General Manager

Pillar Nonprofit Network

Industry: Non-profit / Social Enterprise
Employees: 14
Year Founded: 2001

Overall Engagement: 89.79%
Dedication: 4.65
Effort: 4.52
Interest: 4.30
Net Promoter: 83.33%

Creating connections across the charitable, business and government sectors, Pillar Nonprofit Network supports over 600 non-profits, social enterprises and social innovators through the promotion and facilitation of volunteerism, professional development, networking and information.

Why we think our organization is a great place to work: At Pillar, we are connected through strong values that are shared with the vision of creating a vibrant community, and we know that it starts with us. We collectively put people first, and we believe deeply that together we are better. Employees here have a genuine respect for each other, respecting differences without judgement. There is an energy of passion, commitment and belief that change happens when you are willing to accept people from where they are at. We believe the way that we work is just as important as the work that we do.

Examples of implemented actions that make our organization a great place for employees: We have created and live out our Team Alliance—a set of agreements that we have built together. It includes important aspects like celebrating successes, having “get real” conversations, being present to each other, honouring self-care and supporting flexible working hours. We value failure, because we know that it creates a culture of learning and innovation. We also prioritize inclusion and mutual exchanges and invite community to those conversations. We have fun together because we recognize that knowing each other as our full selves is just as important as knowing what our roles are in the organization.

What our employees are saying: “It’s never like ‘work comes first.’ It’s the understanding that you bring your holistic self to work.” —Maria Luisa Contursi, Impact and Storytelling Director

SlyFox Digital Media Marketing

Industry: Digital Marketing / Advertising / Web Design
Employees: 15
Year Founded: 2013

Overall Engagement: 88.45%

Dedication: 4.55
Effort: 4.48
Interest: 4.23
Net Promoter: 92.86%

SlyFox Digital Media Marketing provides small business support to entrepreneurs in the form of affordable web design, programming, graphic design, online chat services, SEO, social media management and promotional products.

Why we think our organization is a great place to work: We encourage communication and organization, and always try to promote from within. We foster very strong relationships with local businesses and promote a “support local” culture within our team. We hire local talent, offer incentives to staff from local businesses and have created a casual, friendly and fun atmosphere at our office. 

Examples of implemented actions that make our organization a great place for employees: We have found that feeling appreciated is the number one thing that motivates our team to do their very best. We try very hard to accomplish this through employee incentive programs, a fruit at work program (Grocery Guy), free locally roasted coffee on tap (Fire Roasted Coffee Co.), employee health benefits and an office wiener dog, Rusty, to encourage staff to smile. We offer regular pay raises and paid sick days as well. Our staff is the entire reason we have grown and have developed such strong community ties. They deserve to be rewarded any way we can.

What our employees are saying: “Working at SlyFox means spending the workday in a family-like atmosphere that strikes the perfect balance of meaningful and challenging work with true fun. The company owners are friendly, approachable and are committed to fostering the best workplace culture possible. Surprise treats, lots of laughter, personalized mentorship, employee recognition and continuous learning all sweeten the deal. It is a genuine pleasure working at SlyFox and alongside our incredible team.” —Michele Anderson, Office Manager 

Bath Fitter London

Industry: Home Improvement / Residential Contracting
Employees: 16
Year Founded: 1993

Overall Engagement: 87.22%

Dedication: 4.61
Effort: 4.36
Interest: 4.11
Net Promoter: 77.78%

Bath Fitter London provides one-day bath remodeling, providing homeowners and commercial clients with high-quality and lasting solutions for bath and shower areas, including acrylic bathtubs and shower liners, free standing bathtub and shower bases, acrylic seamless walls, domed ceilings, tub and shower doors, accessories and wainscoting.

Why we think our organization is a great place to work: Our team operates with the singular focus of creating a great customer experience, always endeavouring to over-deliver on our promises. This means that our staff plays the major role in assessing, formulating and dispensing an extremely high level of individualized and personal customer service. It is easy to be proud of where you work when you have a hand in creating a beautiful result and simultaneously providing the customer with assurance that they are dealing with caring professionals and knowing that all your co-workers are working to that same end.

Examples of implemented actions that make our organization a great place for employees: Each person is treated with respect, provided flexibility and engaged as an individual, which provides an enriched environment with a greater wellbeing for the entire team. We have a happy atmosphere, which has allowed our company to attract and retain good people. While high-quality products are an important component of our company’s success, it is our people that take care of our customers. We are small enough to cater to the needs and wants of the employee on an individual basis but have grown to provide a high level of uninterrupted service for our customers. We take the work that we do very seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously.

What our employees are saying: “Bath Fitter is there for their customers and they stand behind their warranty. It’s a very good business. If I have a question or a problem, they are just a phone call away, and I get all the support I need from fellow workers. It’s best company I have ever worked for!  —Ryan Banks, Installation Professional

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