Properties Sold

A summary of recent commercial real estate transactions in London

19 & 23 Buchanan Court
type       Industrial building
price      $4,325,000
seller     Ontario Superior Court of Justice
buyer     Vaughan Realty Corp.

100 Piccadilly Street
type      Industrial / storage facility
price     $4,200,000
seller    Aaron Construction Ltd.
buyer    Access Information Management of Canada ULC

980 Adelaide Street South
type      Industrial building
price     $3,650,000
seller    1739707 Ontario Ltd.
buyer    2716735 Ontario Inc.

82 York Street
type      Commercial / residential building
price     $3,300,000
seller    Brysonwood Construction Inc.
buyer    Richmond Properties (London) Inc.

22 Pegler Street
type      Industrial building
price     $1,970,000
seller    Enerzone Inc.
buyer    BC London Inc.

2090 Hyde Park Road
type     Vacant commercial land
price     $1,400,000
seller    2328093 Ontario Inc.
buyer    Foxwood Developments (London) Inc.

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