Social Capital: Jan Pryde

Meet the Londoners working to make a meaningful difference in our community

Jan Pryde, Investment Advisor, Pryde Financial Group, CIBC Wood Gundy

Passion: London Community Foundation

“IN MY WORK with London Community Foundation, I have seen firsthand the power of a thoughtful group of volunteers—led by a professional and passionate staff—who are working to be city-builders. I first started supporting LCF financially in 2008, began serving on the Investment Committee in 2011 and have been involved as both a donor and a volunteer ever since. In January 2020, I will assume the position of board chair.

Endowment gifting is unique. I compare it to tossing a stone into a pool of water and watching the ripples expand out—the initial contribution is a legacy that will have an impact in our community through time and generations.

LCF enables Londoners to direct their donations to things they have an interest in supporting, from homelessness to mental health to the arts. I recently started my own fund, and plan to continue donating to LCF indefinitely.

For me, it’s very personal. As a parent I’ve seen my daughter struggle with serious mental health issues after being assaulted as a teenager. For our family, the journey has been long and difficult, to keep her alive, to keep her housed, to advocate for her. I really have compassion for people who don’t have those family supports.

Social Capital: Jan Pryde Promoted

We can’t close our eyes to people who are struggling. I believe there are solutions, and LCF is working to find and fund them. One major shift at LCF happened in 2010 with the introduction of Community Vitality Grants that invest in innovative, game-changing solutions. For example, last year the London Community Dental Alliance received capital funding to open a clinic in the Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre, which provides free or low-cost dental services.

A relatively new initiative is our Social Impact Fund, which offers specialized financing to support affordable housing and social enterprises. LCF is recognized as a national leader in this space. To date, we have invested in 11 projects, six of which are related to affordable housing. Through a revolving loan we can leverage social capital to invest in new housing stock, and to wrap services around individual residents who are overcoming challenges.

I’m very proud of and excited about the positive impact that LCF is having on London and Middlesex.”

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Social Capital: Jan Pryde Promoted

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