New Year’s Nudge

Forget the diet and the new hobby. Six business leaders share their goals and resolutions for the upcoming year

Photo: Kamalpreet Minhas and Shangbing Jiang of Praxis

WHILE ENTERING A new decade may feel like a jump for some, London’s tech ecosystem—from startups to multi-­national enterprises—are no strangers to taking bold leaps.

As another year comes to a close, taking pause to reflect on some of these challenges and defining decisions can prove key to preparing for a new season of success.

This past year saw the emergence of new businesses, growth milestones for startups, local businesses being acquired and overall sustained economic growth in the city. This is enabled in large part by entrepreneurs and managers working to remain competitive and innovative by means of adaptation and transformation—often in highly competitive and saturated markets.

We took the time to survey a few tech founders and leaders, asking what they learned over the past year and what they hope to achieve as we head into 2020. Here’s what they had to say:

Kamalpreet Minhas and Shangbing Jiang
Co-founders, Praxis

“One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned has been ­remembering the importance of having a positive mentality and going into every opportunity with an open mind, as the most difficult challenges we have faced have been essentially created in our own minds. Our business resolution for 2020 is to get our product out to the world, make sales and learn some new skills along the way.”

Heather Macpherson
President, The Minery

“Our biggest lessons learned are that the building of software is an evolutionary process, and that success looks different at each stage along the way. The resolution for the new year is to continue to ‘sharpen our saw’ so that we’re able to operate as leanly as possible while still providing our customers with unparalleled service.”

Ryan Emms
Director of business development, Consys Group Inc.

“We were drinking so much of our own Kool-Aid; we needed to have the tools in place to collect the right data for making informed strategic decisions as we grew. By taking a step back, we built a strong foundation, a clear vision, culture and values that supported our vision and strategy. And by using data to drive our mission plan, we are now better equipped to bounce back from adversity, adapt and grow sustainably.”

Ian Haase
CEO, Motif Labs

“Our biggest lesson learned in 2019? Having a strong team and learning to delegate is the only way to scale a successful business. Our business resolution for 2020? Stay focused and execute.”

Amer Ebied
President, PolyAnalytik Inc.

“Our true purpose in life is far greater than the money we chase. Taking the time to travel to developing Asia Pacific countries this year and learning about their advancements on many fronts, along with their highly skilled and dedicated workforce, was a truly humbling business experience. Our business resolution for 2020 is to further grow our ­international footprint, especially in developing countries that can use our technologies to further optimize their local therapeutic and medical device developments to better cater to their aging populations and their financial wellbeing.”

If your 2020 resolution is to start your own business, London has many entrepreneur support organizations ready and willing to help and guide you—all you need to do is reach out and connect! is a great resource and starting point, making connections between entrepreneurs and the city’s business service providers and mentors. By this time next year, you could be looking back on a bold new venture and looking ahead to even greater successes. New Year's Nudge TechAlliance

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