2020 Best Places to Work: Large Business

Meet the 2020 Best Places to Work Large Business recipients

Photo: Starlim North America Corp.

WeedMD Inc.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Employees: 220
Year Founded: 2013

2020 Best Places to Work: Large Business Cover Story

Overall Engagement: 89%

Dedication: 4.60
Effort: 4.55
Interest: 4.25
Net Promoter: 75

WEEDMD INC. IS the publicly traded parent company of WeedMD Rx Inc., a federally licensed cannabis producer and multi-channel distributor. Based in London, the company owns and operates two facilities: a 158-acre greenhouse and outdoor facility located in Strathroy and a 26,000-square-foot extraction and processing facility in Aylmer.

Why we think our organization is a great place to work: At WeedMD, our people strategy is built around a strong sense of community that fosters pride, passion and collaboration. With three production sites, two corporate offices and a growing employee base centered mainly around the London area, we are now over 300 people strong and growing. We’ve designed a quality-centric cultivation platform that is the envy of the cannabis community and the results are in the products we produce. There’s a reason why they sell out as soon as they hit the shelves. We’re happy people making happy plants.

Examples of implemented actions that make our organization a great place for employees: As big proponents of hiring locally from the communities in which we reside, our preference is to coach and promote from within our organization. As a result, we have a strong and highly engaged employee base that feels empowered and encouraged to pursue advancement opportunities. WeedMD is also proud of the organic makeup of our employee base—from the senior management level to the front-line staff, we are proud of our 50/50 gender split.

What our employees are saying: “Having been with WeedMD since its inception, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the organization evolve from a small cannabis company of 20 people to becoming a top-tier company with over 300 employees. Our employee brand consistently centres around integrity, passion and pride. It’s ingrained in our culture and will always be at the core of everything we do.” —Breanne Dufty, Manager, People Department

Starlim North America Corp.

Industry: Manufacturing
Employees: 129
Year Founded: 2002

2020 Best Places to Work: Large Business Cover Story

Overall Engagement: 84%

Dedication: 4.37
Effort: 4.30
Interest: 3.91
Net Promoter: 71.43

STARLIM NORTH AMERICA is a family-owned enterprise specializing in liquid silicone injection moulding and tool manufacturing. Producing small parts at high volumes made from silicone using single or multi-material processes, its products are found in everything from automobiles to baby soothers. Starlim North America is a contract manufacturer, B2B supplier and Tier-2 and Tier-3 supplier for the automotive industry and the world’s largest processor of liquid silicone rubber.

Why we think our organization is a great place to work: Starlim is a global organization that values our people, our community and the use of technology in our manufacturing operations. As a family-owned company, we are committed to a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters personal growth, engagement and a close connection among all levels of the company. We believe that being compassionate and caring, while offering a strong work-life balance and job security, will not only support our employees but also their families.

Examples of implemented actions that make our organization a great place for employees: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility offers clean, temperature-controlled, bright workspaces with plenty of natural light. In order to build upon employee engagement, we have implemented initiatives such as flex time, family picnics, team building and social events and community volunteerism. To foster a healthy lifestyle, Starlim provides a safety conscious work environment, ergonomic workspaces and an on-site fitness facility. We offer personalized training and development programs, post-secondary reimbursement and training opportunities at our head office in Austria.

What our employees are saying: “Starlim is a great place to work, with its modern clean appearance and the way the company is managed. But what makes the company great is the culture. We understand the importance of doing good work to be successful, but we also recognize the importance of having fun while doing it.” —Josue Portillo, Operations Technology Team Leader

Harrison Pensa LLP

Industry: Legal Services
Employees: 134
Year Founded: 1999

2020 Best Places to Work: Large Business Cover Story

Overall Engagement: 84%

Dedication: 4.36
Effort: 4.19
Interest: 4.05
Net Promoter: 85.39

HARRISON PENSA IS a full-service law firm with expertise in litigation and business law, in addition to a strong consumer focus in family, wills and estate, as well as personal injury law. The firm serves clients throughout Southwestern Ontario, across Canada and internationally.

Why we think our organization is a great place to work: Harrison Pensa is a fabulous place to work because of our people. We continuously recognize that our lawyers and staff members are key in delivering outstanding client service. We provide a supportive and respective work environment with experienced colleagues to empower and encourage our employees to thrive in their careers. We acknowledge that each team member has unique skills that contribute to our success as well as unique priorities outside of work that need to be balanced.

Examples of implemented actions that make our organization a great place for employees: Harrison Pensa’s dedication to serving the community and the causes important to our employees continues to set us apart. We encourage our team to pursue their community passions, get involved and lead in efforts to serve and assist. In addition to caring for others, we encourage employees to take care of themselves. We value workplace wellness and offer an on-site fitness centre with personal trainers, nutrition experts and ongoing health and wellness information.

What our employees are saying: “I love that Harrison Pensa is community-oriented and allows my coworkers and myself to participate in supporting several charities throughout London. I find it rewarding to be part of a team that focuses on giving back to our community, which we are all a part of.” —Lindsay Provost, Insolvency Law Clerk

Robarts Clinical Trials Inc.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals, Contract Research
Employees: 300
Year Founded: 1986

Overall Engagement: 83%

Dedication: 4.41
Effort: 4.18
Interest: 3.90
Net Promoter: 78.43

ROBARTS CLINICAL TRIALS an internationally recognized full-service contract research organization collaborating with pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, government agencies and academic investigators in the performance of global, multi-centre, randomized controlled trials.

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

Industry: Public & Government Service
Employees: 95
Year Founded: 1947

Overall Engagement: 82%

Dedication: 4.42
Effort: 4.10
Interest: 3.84
Net Promoter: 78.87

A NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority is focused on a range of programs including flood and water control, environmental planning and regulations, watershed planning and monitoring, forestry and drinking water source protection. Its area of jurisdiction, the upper watershed of the Thames River, covers 3,432 square kilometres in Southwestern Ontario.

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