2020 Best Places to Work

Meet 15 London employers offering what today’s workers want: flexibility, job satisfaction, work-life ­balance—and a few fun perks, too

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2020 Best Places to Work Cover StoryON THE ROAD On the road to success, organizations need to know where they are. That’s the motivation behind our annual Best Places to Work program, which gives employees the chance to rate their workplace.

For the second year running, London Inc. ­partnered with human resources management firm Ahria Consulting to determine the city’s top workplaces based solely on employee survey feedback. Which is why the Best Places to Work award is so distinguished: each company’s employees exclusively determined the winners.

Employees were asked to complete an assessment that measures their employer on such values as trust in leadership, personal engagement, collaborative ­culture and satisfaction of individual needs.

Ahria Consulting administered, processed and reviewed the assessments, generating scores for each organization (participants were required to have a minimum of 10 employees and at least 50 per cent of employees must have completed the survey for an organization to be considered). The scores are numeric based on the assessment results, and in addition to an Overall Engagement score, include rankings for Dedication, Effort, Interest and Net Promoter (see below for more a detailed explanations about methodology and reporting).

We break out the companies in three ­different employer size categories: Small Business (10 to 19 employees); Medium Business (20 to 80 employees); and Large Business (greater than 80 employees). Generally speaking, smaller employers tend to score higher than midsize employers, and midsize ­employers tend to score higher than large employers.

This year’s winners came out on top of nomination pool of more than 90 applicants, and combined, 1,193 employees work for these 15 standout companies.
So, why aren’t some companies on the list? Perhaps they chose not to participate, did not reach the 50 per cent employee participation threshold or did not score high enough based on the survey results. Omission from the list doesn’t mean an employer isn’t good or even great. There are many great places to be employed in this city, starting with these 15 terrific organizations.

The 2020 Best Places to Work roster mirrors the city’s diverse economic landscape. Firms hail from a range of sectors, including manufacturing, ­technology, financial services, law, healthcare and not-for-profit. But all the organizations are tied together by a ­common value: they create supportive, empowering and happy workplaces.

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The Best Places to Work organizations are scored in five key areas. Here’s what the individual scores mean:

Overall Engagement
An all-encompassing ranking of how employees assess the organization as a positive and fulfilling place to work over the long-term. Reported as a percentage.

How strongly employees believe their work engages their skills and efforts, and the resulting sense of meaning, enthusiasm, inspiration, pride and challenge. Out of five possible points.

A gauge of employees’ willingness to dedicate a high level of energy and effort to their work, even in the face of difficult challenges. Out of five possible points.

A reflection of how focused and happy employees are while on the job, characterized by time passing quickly and difficulty separating oneself from work. Out of five possible points. 

Net Promoter
An index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of employees to recommend their organization as a great place to work to others.

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