Exit Lane: Joelle Lees

Joelle Lees
Michael’s on the Thames

2019 Lincoln MKC
2.0-litre turbocharged inline four, 240 HP
3,999 kilometres

I’VE HAD THIS vehicle since November. My lease had come to an end on my previous car, a Cadillac, and because I have Paget’s disease in my tailbone, I really had a need for a car that was more comfortable. Which sounds crazy I know—more comfortable than a Cadillac—but that’s what I needed.

WHEN I WAS car shopping, my test drives consisted of me putting my butt in the driver’s seat and getting back out. I must have done that with nine or 10 vehicles. When I sat in the MKC, I knew it was the one. It’s like driving on a pillow; the seats are amazing.

GIVEN THE WINTER we’ve had so far, I’ve had more call to use the sunroof than I have had to test out its winter-weather handling. But I did take it out in the one sizeable snowstorm we’ve had this year and it handled great, so I’m ready if winter ever really arrives.

IF THERE’S ONE certainty about my job, it’s that I never go to my car emptyhanded. So, I really like that it automatically unlocks and turns the lights on when I walk up to it, and I love the hands-free liftgate. I do, however, wish it automatically locked when I walked away from it. I’m a trusting person, and it’s already been broken into twice. I think I’ve learned my lesson.

I’M ON A three-year lease, but unless I was to find something that has the same comfort level that this vehicle does, I don’t really see myself changing. My Cadillac was beautiful, but when I got into this Lincoln, for me it was another level of luxury and comfort.

MY HOMETOWN IS Hagersville, and I always look forward to making that trip. It’s about an hour and a half, through the country, off the ­highways and dotted with lots of little towns. It’s a nostalgic drive I really enjoy.

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