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Meet the Londoners working to make a meaningful difference in our community

Jack Malkin, Real Estate Broker & Consultant
Passion: Jewish National Fund (JNF) of London

“MY WIFE AND I moved our family to Canada from Israel 15 years ago – we wanted to give our children an opportunity to live abroad and experience a different culture. Now they are grown, and we are settled here in London. I started volunteering with the Jewish National Fund about nine years ago, working on a fundraising event. For the past few years, I’ve taken a leadership position as president of the London branch.

The JNF is a large non-profit NGO, recognized by the UN, that focuses on environment, agritech and community. These issues are most important in our lives, but unfortunately don’t get the attention they need and deserve.

While JNF is active in Israel, it has a worldwide impact. Since inception, JNF has planted 240 million trees. As a community, we also raised funds and worked with ReForest London to plant trees in Mornington Park.

Locally, we raise money to support JNF’s agricultural and environmental initiatives, tree planting and community projects. Our annual signature Negev Dinner is also a time to honour a Londoner who has contributed significantly to the community. Past honorees include television writer, creator and producer David Shore, who was born and raised in London, and former mayor, Anne Marie DeCicco-Best.

I hope when people read this, the COVID-19 crisis will have started to move behind us. My father was a holocaust survivor. He lost his first wife and children, but after the war had the energy to move to Israel, remarry and raise a second family. When we are experiencing difficult times, I think about what my father went through and recognize how resilient the human spirit is.”

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