St. Regis closing another blow for OEV

The closing of the St. Regis Tavern, London’s second-longest operating bar, deals another Covid-related blow to Old East Village

JUST A FEW days after the announced closing of the B13 The Baker’s Dozen business incubator occupying the Lilley’s Corner property at the southeast corner of Dundas and Adelaide streets, the neighbouring St. Regis Tavern ― affectionately known as “The Reeg”  ― has announced it will not be reopening.

Owner Shanni Bell announced the closure of London’s second-longest operating tavern (after the Richmond Tavern) on Facebook over the weekend.

“I am so so, so very sorry to inform you all that the St. Regis saw its last day of operation on March 16, 2020 after 39 years under the ‘Bell’ name,” she said in the post. “When my husband Earl passed in 2008, I decided to carry on his legacy. This was a place he absolutely loved as well as I did. I was truly hoping to make it 40 years and beyond for him! As we know, things don’t always turn out the way we want them to.”

Though the exact date the St. Regis building was constructed remains a mystery, the site has housed and operated as a hotel and tavern since 1883 and operated under the St. Regis banner since 1931.

Bell goes on to say that, with the business for sale and the space up for lease, it is her hope the venerable bar may yet live on at some point in the future. St. Regis closing another blow for OEV COVID-19


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