DBC develops “breakthrough” Covid test kits

Diagnostics Biochem Canada announces the development of three COVID-19 testing kits

Photo: Diagnostics Biochem Canada CEO, Manon Hogue

THIS WEEK, LONDON-based Diagnostics Biochem Canada (DBC), announced they have developed three test kits that identify whether someone has antibodies fighting the coronavirus, an indicator which signals if they suffer from the virus.

Founded in 1973 and a global leader in the healthcare diagnostic industry, DBC produces blood test kits used in clinics, labs and hospitals worldwide to detect a wide variety of ailments. Referring to the kits as a “breakthrough in the search for the detection of COVID-19”, The company, located on Neptune Crescent, is awaiting final approval from Health Canada, expected within weeks, on the three test kits.

“DBC is taking immediate, significant and decisive action to support Canada in this fight against the COVID-19 virus,” the company stated in a release. “DBC is working diligently to expand Canadian COVID-19 manufacturing capabilities to allow COVID-19 antibody testing to be deployed across Canada.”

DBC develops "breakthrough" Covid test kits COVID-19

The devices, known as an Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assays (ELISAs), are serology-based immunoassay tests for the determination of anti-COVID-19 antibodies in human serum.

According to CEO Manon Hogue, the test requires simple, non-intrusive blood work, costs less than $5 and results can be known in about two hours.

“Each test is designed to detect specific antibody classes that may be produced during different stages of infection. The accurate detection of COVID-19 antibodies is essential, not only to ensure appropriate patient care, but also to facilitate the identification of infected people. These include asymptomatic carriers, who may need to be isolated to avoid spreading the disease.” DBC develops "breakthrough" Covid test kits COVID-19

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