Additional businesses get green light

Province lifts restrictions on retail stores as Ontario gradually begins to reopen Tuesday

ONTARIO IS SET to enter its first stage of reopening next Tuesday including lifting restrictions on retail stores, golf courses and driving ranges, tennis courts, surgeries and dog grooming.

In a document released today, the province says Ontario can now gradually begin to open workplaces but working from home should continue as much as possible.

“During the last several weeks, the people of Ontario have been called on to make incredible sacrifices to help us stop the spread of Covid-19, including staying home from work, closing down businesses and going without a regular paycheque,” said Premier Ford in the release. “However, we are reopening even more of our businesses beginning this long weekend. We are taking a cautious, balanced approach to our economic reopening to protect the health and safety of everyone.”

All construction can resume and limits will be lifted on maintenance, repair and property management services such as cleaning, painting and pool maintenance.

Most retail stores that have a street entrance can open with physical distancing restrictions, such as limits on the number of customers in a store, booking appointments and continuing to provide curbside pickup and delivery.

Golf courses and driving ranges will be able to reopen, and sports that can be played with physical distancing will be allowed, including tennis, track and field, gymnastics, figure skating and horse racing.

Some scheduled surgeries will restart, as well as in-person counselling such as psychology or addictions counselling.

Other businesses and services included in the stage one reopening include regular veterinary appointments, pet grooming, pet sitting and pet training, libraries for pickup or deliveries and housekeepers and babysitters.

In addition, private parks and campgrounds may open to enable preparation for the season and to allow access for trailers and recreational vehicles whose owners have a full-season contract.

Barber shops and hair salons won’t open in this phase, said Ford, nor will chiropractic or massage services. Additional businesses get green light COVID-19

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