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POPCANN, the North American leader in prefabricated retail solutions, officially launches its unique turnkey stores for the Canadian cannabis industry

POPCANN, the North American leader in prefabricated retail solutions, has officially launched its unique turn-key cannabis retail stores in Canada. POPCANN’s expansion includes Alchemy Canna Corp., a cannabis retail location which recently opened in Toronto, and several First Nations cannabis stores with the Peguis in Manitoba and the Shawanaga in Ontario.

Designed for pop-up and permanent installations, POPCANNs are a new type of real estate asset designed for the dynamic and changing retail market. By providing highly and environmentally friendly retail solutions, POPCANNs enable all types of retailers and brands to monetize non-traditional environments, using a combination of small footprints, interactive technology and plug-and-play installation options.

Engineered for maximum security, regulatory compliance and ultra-efficient operations, POPCANN enables legal cannabis to be more accessible in contemporary locations such as First Nations communities, seasonal towns, ports of entry, events, festivals and parking lots. These state-of-the art, tech-enabled, and environmentally friendly retail structures can be installed in under 90 minutes.

Richard Browne, president of Alchemy Canna Corp., says the current challenging retail environment begged this type of solution for the cannabis retailer. “We pride ourselves on being Canada’s first immersive cannabis retail experience, offering safe access to cannabis as Covid-19 lockdown measures are slowly lifted,” he says. “Through POPCANN’s customized, prefabricated approach, we were able to open our store despite current lockdown measures, without having any additional worries about security or compliance.”

A store in a box Content StudioCompared to building out a storefront location from scratch, POPCANNs provide a time- and cost-saving solution

 Jake Neiman, co-Founder and CEO of POPCANN, adds, “It’s time to rethink retail with smaller footprints and modern technology that complement online shopping. Our turnkey prefabricated approach provides Alchemy, and the First Nations cannabis retailers with a cost-efficient, secure and ultra-efficient retail solution. This unique retail concept can be implemented anywhere in the world.”

Modular, secure, and tech driven, POPCANNs are customizable to every environment and customer type. POPCANN retail stores can be developed, installed and operational in less than three months.

For more information about POPCANN prefabricated retail and learning spaces, visit www.popcann.com, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

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