Robarts Clinical Trials rebrands as Alimentiv Inc.

Robarts Clinical Trials, a contract research organization specializing in gastrointestinal research, has changed its name to Alimentiv Inc.

 ROBARTS CLINICAL TRIALS has announced it has changed its name to Alimentiv Inc., a rebranding undertaken to reflect the company’s continued growth as a specialized contract research organization.

Originally formed as an offshoot of Robarts Research Institute at Western University in 1986, the organization was sold to a public trust held by its employees in 1986. Now headquartered in the Bell building on Dundas Street, the firm employs more than 320, and sales have grown by about 20 per cent in each of the last two years.

“We are excited to move forward as Alimentiv. Under the Alimentiv Health Trust, we remain a commercial venture driven by purpose, putting people first and profitable growth,” said Jeff Smith, CEO of Alimentiv. “We are excited about our expansion to new markets and the opportunity we have to continue to prioritize our vision of building a leading GI clinical drug development organization that accelerates discovery through the delivery of our range of services and continued investment in academic research.”

Specializing in healthcare research, Alimentiv works with drug companies around the world to study the efficacy of their work. Alimentiv works with more than 5,000 doctors in about 60 countries. It is particularly active in gastrointestinal research, specifically inflamed bowel disease clinical trials and research.

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