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As organizations plan for people to return to the workspace, stevensE3 provides the products and expertise for healthy, safe and productive environments

SINCE THE OUTBREAK of Covid-19, the way we conduct ourselves in the business environment has been dramatically altered, forcing us rethink how we work in a new normal and whether our current office layouts make sense.

Although some industries or job functions have been able to work from the home, there are still several employment roles that require employees to be present in the office, day after day. However, in today’s reality, organizations need to make certain that they adhere to the right protocols, ensuring a safe working environment for all. 

President of stevensE3, Cam Stevens, says, “Our firm has experienced a significant downturn in our regular products of exhibitions and events during this global pandemic, however we are pivoting. We are helping our client’s by developing solutions for retrofitting client’s offices in preparation for a return to a new normal.”

StevensE3, which has been around for almost 100 years, has transcended from a signage company to a leader within the exhibition and event industries, providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to its clients. “Now more than ever we have had to rethink the way we operate and how we’re going to help our clients in the months to come,” adds Stevens. 

Stevens highlighted two of the ways in which the firm can make difference and help local businesses. The first is through its online Covid-19 specific graphics shop that offers cost-effective signage, acrylic barrier and decal solutions to local businesses. The shop has it all, from physical distancing to directional signs.

“Clients can pre-select what signs they require, and if there is something that they don’t see online we can easily develop a customized design to suit their needs ― that’s how we’re helping our clientele right now,” says graphic designer, Rachel Stevens, a fourth generation family member in the company.

“We’re seeing companies use this downtime to reinvent how their offices are laid out and what it will look like when employees are back to work” ―Cam Stevens

But sometimes, companies need more than just signage solutions; they need to rethink their entire office environment to ensure it is promoting a safe working space for all.

“We’re seeing companies use this downtime to reinvent how their offices are laid out and what it will look like when employees are back to work,” continues Cam Stevens.

Although open-plan offices have become a popular office layout over the last decade, it is also no longer a viable option as employers gear up to ensure their workspaces are safe for employees and customers alike. Lunchrooms, cafeterias, office configurations, factory workspaces, assembly lines ― they all need to be considered in developing a solution that helps stop the spread of Covid-19.

But what does this look like? A term that has been thrown around as of late is the ‘Six Foot Office’. It is transforming existing offices into places where the six-foot distance rule has been implemented ― and carries the government’s stamp of approval. “Which is why we have developed a range of plexiglass barriers that will allow businesses to easily mount these to tables, workspaces and lunch stations,” says Stevens.

Often, however, it is more than just a barrier that is required. Sometimes the entire office layout needs to be updated, which is where the stevensE3’s custom division comes in. With designers on hand and a team of highly skilled craftsmen, the company can redesign a modular office layout ensuring a modern and sophisticated layout that observes physical distancing protocols without giving up functionality and style.

Stevens says they are also seeing businesses move toward making offices look more attractive with graphic-themed portable dividers. These dividers utilize easily washable and removable Berger Textiles fabric graphics printed at stevensE3 and mounted within lightweight aluminum frames that help to take a larger office environment and break it up to allow for more physical dividers between staff. These dividers are ideal space-dividing solutions for hair salons, restaurants and offices.

A fourth-generation Canadian family owned and operated company, stevensE3 was established in 1927 as a graphics firm and has since evolved into a full custom trade show exhibit and environment fabrication company. The company is now doing what it can to help organizations get back to business with innovative and cost-effective signage and barrier solutions.

To find out more about stevensE3 and how the company can assist you, visit or email Zoe van Niekerk on [email protected]

This story was created by Content Studio, TreeTown Media’s commercial content division, on behalf of stevensE3.

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