Punching up telehealth coverage

iTelemed announces new partnership and Fanshawe training program to ramp up the delivery of telehealth solutions across Canada

LONDON-BASED VIRTUAL HEALTHCARE solutions provider iTelemed has announced a partnership with AMD Global Telemedicine, a Chelmsford, Massachusetts-based provider of digital and telehealth technology solutions worldwide.

The partnership is aimed at helping iTelemed scale up its delivery of telemedicine resource supports and across Canada. The firm’s technology platforms fully enable doctors to remotely care for patients, whether from physical locations or home offices.

The announced partnership is also being backed by the creation of a full training program and accreditation support through Fanshawe College Corporate Training Solutions (CTS), which will help to deliver the needed infrastructure support to the evolving digital health ecosystem.

According to a released statement from iTelemed, the partnership arrives at a time when Canada is most in need of support for its marginalized populations within congregate living facilities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Covid-19 has been particularly hard upon individuals within congregate living facilities and the iTelemed MVM kits are an immediate solution to bring virtual care in place to these settings,” the statement said. “This solution is now being backed by AMD Global Telemedicine resource supports and ability to scale across Canada for the fight on Covid-19.”

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AMD’s telehealth solutions include software platforms, integrated medical devices and telemedicine bundled kits, and its technology will support the growth and solutions within the ecosystem being supported by this deal.

Backed by the Fanshawe CTS training and accreditation program, the partners will deliver iTelemed Mobile Virtual Medical Kits that will be accredited and quickly replicated across Canada to support the fight on Covid-19.

“This partnership is not just a win-win for the partners involved, but a win-win for Canada in growing local and national economies around digital healthcare provision of service, infrastructure support and job metrics, research and training for new models of healthcare, innovation and technologic design between Canada and international corporations such as AMD.” Punching up telehealth coverage telehealth Technology

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