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SlyFox Web Design & Marketing will help you create and maintain a social media presence that both your customers and your bottom line will love

Photo: SlyFox Web Design & Marketing social media strategist, Michelle Faulds. Photography by MEE Photography

SOCIAL MEDIA CAN look and feel like a giant, intimidating world, especially for a small business. It’s essential in this day and age, we’re all told — but with bots, zombie engagement, and a near-constant din of conflict and controversy, it can begin to feel at best like a distraction and at worst like it’s actively counterproductive.

For many small firms, the trouble of building and maintaining an online brand ― when all you really want is new clients and business ― often results in a shuffling of tasks to the back burner, or leaving things to wilt away after a well-intentioned launch.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. And if you want evidence, look no further than the last six months. Many small businesses survived, and even thrived, during the lockdown with clever online strategies or by investing in the digital side of their business that might have been neglected.

“Our own account hit 10,000 followers this week and we are proud that most of these are small business owners. It is important to be speaking to your demographic when putting the work into social media” ―Michelle Faulds

Many businesses, capitalizing on a renewed enthusiasm and commitment to buy and support local, have attracted new customers. With everyone stuck inside and working remotely, these shifts in consumer behaviour had a lot to do with social media. And now, with many businesses looking at a return to more normal operations, it might be easy to neglect social media and digital branding as other aspects of operations demand attention.

That’s where the team at SlyFox Web Design & Marketing come in, offering a social media management service that goes well beyond simply scheduling posts.

“When you hire us to do social media, it’s a bit different than when you hire a virtual assistant,” says Michelle Faulds, social media strategist at SlyFox. “We grow the account and we engage on our client’s behalf. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, we will go in and interact by commenting  and sharing as if we were the clients. We also run a follow loop on Instagram that is free to participate in to help grow your accounts. If you are our client, we do this for you, too!”

Making your potential click SlyFox Content Studio

Rather than simply trying to boost engagement, SlyFox sets their compass towards converting followers to customers. A big part of that has been using social media to build a community of businesses, rather than simply blasting messages out to the whole world.

Another way SlyFox builds community is through its London Ontario Small Business Support Group, a free Facebook group that provides a platform for engagement, education and promotional opportunities for member businesses, all while remaining entertaining and fun.

“There are conversions that we see happening right in this group,” Faulds says. “You’ll see the deals happening in the comments.”

Engagement like that can help make the world of social media feel significantly smaller and more local, which, by extension, often makes it more manageable and profitable for a local business.

“We built our business on local,” Faulds says. “A lot of people come to us specifically because we know what’s going on with small business in London. We know the local market. We know what is going to fly and what is not.”

Whether that’s getting your business active on the local hashtags — #ldnont and #519ldn are two that Faulds recommends — or responding to constantly changing news, a more active social media management style can take your firm’s online brand from one that seems plastic and static to something that customers and neighbours want to engage with.

“Our own account hit 10,000 followers this week and we are proud that most of these are small business owners,” notes Faulds. “It is important to be speaking to your demographic when putting the work into social media.”

Making your potential click SlyFox Content StudioSlyFox’s official office greeter, Rusty. Photography by MEE Photography 

At an affordable monthly rate, SlyFox accomplishes this with custom content, researched topics and posts that look and feel both professional and local.

With consumer beliefs and behaviors changing quickly, keeping up with ― and perhaps even influencing ― those changes is more important than ever. It can even mean the difference between making it through difficult times going under.

“I’ve seen so many people, friends of mine, and their businesses have just gone under,” Faulds observes. “Had they been able to better connect with local markets, they may have had a better chance at coming through it all and would be much better positioned going forward.”

As local business owners look ahead to the next year and beyond, it’s critical to keep momentum going by taking what has been learned and put into practice through the pandemic, and making sure it’s woven into everything going forward.

To ensure the story surrounding your brand is more than just product and service description, SlyFox has all the tools that will set your product, your service, your image, apart from the rest. You can reach SlyFox at 519-601-6696 or [email protected], or visit them online, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube.

This story was created by Content Studio, TreeTown Media’s commercial content division, on behalf of SlyFox Web Design & Marketing.

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