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TruCon, a new online platform for the construction and agricultural sectors, connects trucks with jobs ― and jobs with trucks

Photo: TruCon founder and CEO, Andrew Davies

TRUCON, A NEW London-based tech company, has announced the official launch of their website, an online platform that is designed to streamline construction and agricultural operations by connecting trucks with contractors.

TruCon is looking to fill a needed niche in construction industry by enabling owner/operators to search and accept jobs from any device and contractors to instantly book and schedule trucks for jobs, a function that currently does not exist in the industry.

“Our technology connects trucks with contractors near them, making it easier than ever to find work for your trucks or find trucks for your jobs” ―Andrew Davies

Challenges accessing available trucks for jobs, as well as finding jobs for their trucks, prompted Andrew Davies, a local construction professional, to create an online marketplace to connect trucks with those who hire them.

“This is an industry that has been left behind by technology,” says Davies, CEO and founder of TruCon. “Trucks are underutilized and jobs are under serviced despite the high demand, simply because the industry relies on picking up the phone to book trucks or find jobs. This leads to job delays, idle equipment and manpower and limited visibility into what’s available on both sides. The balance between supply and demand has been a challenge in the industry for many years.”

Keeping it moving trucon Technology creates a transparent, two-sided marketplace. Owner/operator users can set preferences to search for and book jobs that fit their equipment and their schedule days or weeks in advance.

Contractors, or those coordinating and managing equipment for a job, can post jobs and book trucks instantly for projects ranging from small residential jobs to larger commercial jobs.

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Connecting and scheduling work directly in one place ensures construction jobs stay on schedule and on budget and that trucks do not sit idle waiting for jobs.

“It can be overwhelming on both sides of the industry – contractors don’t have enough trucks to complete jobs and owner/operators don’t have the connections to find work,” says Davies. “Our technology connects trucks with contractors near them, making it easier than ever to find work for your trucks or find trucks for your jobs.”

A beta version of TruCon is currently available in Southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto region. A subscription-based service, the platform is currently free for all users, with ongoing updates planned. Keeping it moving trucon Technology

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