Celebrating London’s green leaders

Green Economy London hands out its inaugural Green Leaders Awards

GREEN ECONOMY LONDON has presented their first-ever Green Leaders Awards. The awards, which will be handed out annually, are designed to recognize businesses and individuals in the community who are putting the environment first in their operations, and demonstrate it is possible to improve their environmental impact while still being profitable.

Through its Green Economy Hub, Green Economy London supports businesses to increase their competitive advantage by providing resources, expertise and networks to decrease carbon and create a sustainable economy in London.

“In a time of climate crisis, we feel it’s important to celebrate the successes our network is having with the hope of inspiring more organizations to follow suit and change the culture of business as usual in London” ―Marianne Griffith

Launched in May 2019, this Green Economy Hub has grown to 35 businesses.

“It’s been inspiring to see the growth of Green Economy London in just one year ― over 30 local organizations of all sectors and sizes committing to take action towards a more vibrant and sustainable low-carbon future. These businesses now join over 300 Green Economy Leaders across the country in showing that sustainability and good business go hand-in-hand,” says Priyanka Lloyd, executive director of Green Economy Canada, the national umbrella organization that oversees seven Green Economy Hubs in Ontario.

“In a time of climate crisis, we feel it’s important to celebrate the successes our network is having with the hope of inspiring more organizations to follow suit and change the culture of business as usual in London ― to be of embedded sustainability and environmental stewardship,” adds Marianne Griffith, Green Economy London Hub manager.

One of this year’s recipeints, GoodLife Fitness, was honoured for its commitment to reducing water consumption in its London clubs by 20 per cent over the next 10 years by installing low-flow toilets, shower heads and faucets.

“Setting bold targets for water reduction in our London clubs will enable us to conserve water, while increasing operational efficiency,” notes Jeff Van Haeren, senior vice president and head of construction, club design and club services at GoodLife Fitness. “With over 230 clubs across the country, we have a great opportunity to take what we learn here in London and apply it elsewhere across Canada to achieve even greater reduction in water usage.” 

The 2020 Green Leaders Awards recipients:

Above, from left: Recipient representatives from The City of London, Cornerstone Architecture, McCabe Promotional Advertising, Jeff Pastorious and GreenTech Painting

Highest Water Reduction Target Award: GoodLife Fitness
The Highest Water Reduction Target goes to a Green Economy London member who partakes in water conservation efforts, a water reduction plan and using the resource more efficiently. GoodLife Fitness set the highest water reduction target at 20 per cent over the next 10 years. 

Highest Emission Reduction Target Award: The City of London
Reducing GHG emissions is a crucial action to help reduce climate change. Reducing GHG emissions not only helps against climate change threats, but reduces energy related costs and improves the triple bottom line. The City of London set a minimum 20 per cent GHG emissions reduction target by 2030 for city-owned buildings and operations. Since 2007, the city has reduced absolute emissions by 58 per cent. The city has been converting street lights to high efficiency LEDs, retrofitting the city’s wastewater facilities and water pumping stations and new buildings are being built following sustainable design guidelines to achieve this.

Environmental Stewardship Award: (Two recipients) Cornerstone Architecture and GreenTech Painting
Awarded for being exemplary stewards of the land, water, community, and ecosystems of London and surrounding area. Both of the winners, Cornerstone Architecture and GreenTech Painting, set high environmental stewardship targets and committed to implementing a wide range of environmental stewardship projects. you can see their full list of projects here.

Sustainability Champion Award: Jeff Pastorious (On The Move Organics, The Root Cellar, London Brewing and LOLA Bees)
The Sustainability Champion Award goes to an individual who shows their commitment to sustainability and takes action to create positive environmental change in the community. Jeff Pastorius has contributed a great deal to London’s sustainability movement. He’s tirelessly worked for over 12 years to rebuild a resilient local sustainable food system in London, based on regenerative agriculture and meaningful relationships. He is founder of On The Move Organics and co-founder of The Root Cellar Organic Restaurant, both businesses that prioritize ethically and transparently sourced sustainable food, a low-waste approach to food and local food literacy. He is  also a founding member of London Brewing and LOLA Bees, two organizations that focus on organic and natural practices and support of local food systems.

Green Project Award: McCabe Promotional Advertising Inc.
The Green Project Implementation Award is given to a member for implementing inspirational, educational, or effective projects at their facilities or with their employees that relate to reducing the environmental impacts of the organization.  McCabe Promotional, a certified B-Corporation, won this award for reducing their environmental impact in a number of areas. They altered their irrigation schedule and installed a rain barrel to reduce water consumption, and altered their supply chain to carry more sustainable products that highlight re-use, circular economy and local procurement. McCabe also introduced a new organic waste stream and implemented a sustainable transportation program for employees. In a recent move, they’ve reduced their overall footprint and decked out their space with recycled and second hand furniture, while still maintaining their incredible aesthetic.  

Green Economy London extends a huge congratulations to all the Green Leaders Awards recipients this year and a thank you to all Green Economy London members for demonstrating that prioritizing the environment is profitable and inspiring other businesses around the city to do the same.

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