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Biochemist and Dell Tech Laboratories president Jennifer Grant launches Empyri, a new skincare company with formulations based on cannabis root extract

ENTREPRENEURIALLY MINDED BIOCHEMIST Jennifer Grant has launched a new Canadian skincare company, Empyri, and is producing a line of products that utilize extracts from the roots of marijuana and hemp plants.

Grant has developed both experience and connections in the cannabis industry through her work as president of Dell Tech Laboratories, a consulting firm and test lab that works within a variety of sectors in order to verify performance claims of consumer products and help businesses conform to labelling and other ever-changing regulations.

According to Grant, the launch of Empyri has been several years in the making. A mother of three, she spent a number of years testing the efficacy of each formulation in the skincare line. She notes that extracts of the cannabis root, which form the foundation for each product, have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over a thousand years.

The root of the matter empyri Startup

“When approaching the creation of this skincare line, my vision and goal was to use real science and engineering to create innovative products that nourish and heal,” says Grant. “I’m thrilled to bring a line of products to market that are not only infused with active cannabis root but are also plant-powered and cruelty-free. Respecting well-being extends to the planet as well at Empyri — our products are sustainable and chemical-free, which is very important to me.”

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The company has launched online with three products ― a cannabis sativa oil cleanser, a cannabis sativa hydrating toner with vitamin C and a cannabis sativa daily moisturizer.

All Empryi products are produced in a GMP facility, containing Canadian-grown cannabis root. The products contain no THC or CBD.

Grant adds that the new firm has also begun testing a men’s line along with a line of cannabis root infused teas. These products are expected to launch in 2021. The root of the matter empyri Startup

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