Arcane acquired by Toronto tech marketing firm

Toronto marketing technology company Republix acquires digital marketing firm Arcane  

REPUBLIX, A TORONTO-BASED marketing technology company, has announced the acquisition of London digital marketing firm Arcane, located in the downtown Cube building at 304 Talbot Street.

The deal is part of a six-agency acquisition, representing over $20 million in revenues. In addition to Arcane, Republix has acquired eRational Marketing, Integrity, Linked IntoLeads, Media Mechanics and Tag.

A news release from the firm indicated that the acquired companies would continue to run independently and manage their workforce, culture and business as they always have. In turn, Republix will provide support, shared services and operational guidance.

“In an ever-changing digital media landscape and fragmented marketing industry, it has become a significant challenge for business leaders to find the right agency partner and understand how to hold them accountable to results,” says Thomas Le Maguer, co-founder and CEO, Republix. “With Republix, the game has changed, and we aim to solve this problem through technology. We are fusing these disciplines under one roof and allowing clients to tap into resources seamlessly, so they have the right people at the right time when they need them most, with predictable results.”

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Both Eric Vardon and John D’Orsay, the original founders of Arcane, are listed as part of the Republix advisory team.

“We believe there’s a better and bolder way for agencies and their clients to grow together, leveraging each other’s strengths to generate a stronger whole,” adds Mandy Grewal, president and COO, Republix. “In addition to bringing new [Republix] Citizens aboard, we are bypassing the traditional agency model and developing the industry’s only ‘Growth as a Service’ technology platform. Together, we offer a more profound service offering, drive remarkable results, and provide accountability and ROI across all marketing initiatives.” Arcane acquired by Toronto tech marketing firm Arcane Mergers & Acquisitions

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