Calling it quits

Call The Office announces it will close indefinitely

ICONIC LIVE MUSIC venue Call The Office has announced it will be closing indefinitely following upcoming shows this weekend.

In a Facebook post, owner Darren Quinn says the pandemic, combined with harsh financial operating conditions that existed pre-Covid, led to the decision to shut the doors.  

“We have been beaten down by this financial landscape and there have been many obstacles even pre-covid as this business has never been easy,” Quinn said in the post. “It has got much harder, profit margins are slim at best, the workload increased and it’s just been so many curveballs to keep searching for the reasons to pursue the passion… I did a lot of renovations over Covid time upgrading the club with hopes to kick ass in 2021 but the well has run itself dry.”

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Quinn goes on to add that he hopes to reopen the 216 York Street venue in the spring or summer, “but truth be told really not sure what will happen. Government is not really helping, insurance companies not renewing policies and the cost of doing business out of reach… it’s anyone’s guess at this point and I really do not have a clear notion of what will eventually happen.”

The venue, which is housed in a building that dates back to somewhere around 1881 (it was originally the Atlantic House hotel), has played host to hundreds of established and up-and-coming acts, including Radiohead, Nickelback, the Tragically Hip to Blue Rodeo. Calling it quits Call The Office Music & Entertainment

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