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Wooly Maple turns to a membership subscription program to hook loyal customers

WOOLY MAPLE, A local accessory and apparel brand, has announced a new product ― the release of the new Scrunchie of the Month Club subscription box and membership campaign.

The membership is comprised of monthly shipments to participating clients consisting of exclusive hair accessories along with discounts and front-of-the-line access to new product releases from Wooly Maple.

Founded in 2014, Wooly Maple has built a devoted following due in part to their high-quality, limited-edition hair scrunchies. The membership program, says owner and founder Ashley Burt, is hopefully going to take the company to new levels.

Thinking inside the subscription box wooly maple RetailPhoto: A selection of Wooly Maple scrunchies 

“It’s never been more important to lean into comfort items,” says Burt. “Having things to look forward to ― happy mail as I like to call it ― is a great way to cope ahead for the challenging months to come. What better gift to give yourself or others this holiday season than something cute in the mailbox to look forward to each month?”

After several months of planning and development, Wooly Maple is opening up membership enrolment on November 26th. The memberships will be available Canada-wide and will be sold on the Wooly Maple website,

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Participating members will receive a limited-edition (not available for retail purchase) luxury scrunchie once a month for six months. In addition, members are granted access to a tiered discount program on future Wooly Maple purchases at their retail outlet at The Market at Western Fair District and early access to all new product releases from the company.

The Wooly Maple brand began humbly as a means to support Burt while in treatment for mental illness, and is best known for its crochet wearables, community crochet workshops. Burt has also been affectionately named the “Scrunchie Queen” by her customers. Thinking inside the subscription box wooly maple Retail

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