Premium 5 to supply Shoppers

Premium 5 Ltd. secures supply agreement with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Inc.

PREMIUM 5 LTD., the leading Canadian producer of hydrocarbon concentrates, has announced a listing agreement with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Inc., a subsidiary of Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.

Premium 5 will supply Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Inc. with Pure Live Resin Vapes and Live Resin X Vapes for a total of 4 SKUs. These product formats are the first vapes containing live resin to launch in the country on a medical platform.

“Shoppers is one of the most recognized and trusted names for health care products and services. They offer a large variety of different products that help patients have a more convenient access to their medicine and health care needs,” said David Schwede, CEO of Premium 5 Ltd. “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers division and launching Premium 5 products to provide new and innovative cannabis concentrates to Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Inc. medical consumers across Canada.”

Premium 5 to supply Shoppers Premium 5 Content Studio

The agreement between Premium 5 and Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Inc. offers Canadian medical cannabis consumers access to live resin concentrate products, which have not yet been offered through their platform to date. The Medical Cannabis by Shoppers organization gives patients access to a broad range of products and Premium 5 is pleased to be able to provide patients with access to their innovative product formats through a trusted and convenient source.

About Premium 5

Premium 5 products offer a feeling and a flavour that only the terpenes from a High Terpene Full Spectrum concentrate can give and encourages consumers to find their feeling. The company is dedicated to creating high-quality full spectrum concentrates, selling a premium high THC experience, and providing a healthier, more discrete way to medicate and consume.

Products being offered under the Premium 5 brand are crafted from indoor grown, fresh-frozen, whole bud that has been carefully selected for optimal cannabinoid and terpene profiles to offer customers only the most exceptional quality. For more information visit

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