20 Under 40: Josh Fleming

Meet Josh Fleming, 37, owner and founder of Concretus Specialties Ltd. and one of our 20 Under 40 Class of 2020 recipients

JOSH FLEMING STARTED Concretus Specialties Ltd. in 2011 as a side hustle. Today, that small concrete finishing business has become one of the London’s leading concrete forming operations, employing more than 30 tradespeople and completing work as a primary supplier for some of the city’s largest residential and commercial projects.

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What would you say is your biggest business ­achievement?

I would say that my largest business ­achievement is allowing the opportunity for my team to grow and develop themselves personally and professionally. I could not do what I do without the success of my team.

“I continue to push forward every day without fail. All you can do, really” ―Josh Fleming

What about your biggest obstacle?

Just having the guts to quit my full-time career position knowing that I would be creating this on my own. But I continue to push forward every day without fail. All you can do, really.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on you and your career?

My experience and the tenure of the incredible people I have worked with in my career. My influences in business have given me the drive to be competitive and successful.

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What has Covid-19 taught you about yourself and your work?

It has taught me how valuable my world truly is. It has taught me patience and understanding, and it has taught me the ­importance of connection. The pandemic has taught me this, not only personally but professionally as well.

Knowing what you know now, what would you tell your younger self?

Don’t give up — ever.

What’s your musical soundtrack been lately?

1990’s ­hip-hop. The best you can get.

If you weren’t in your current field, what would you be doing?

I would like to own a restaurant — and I would be the head chef.

What’s next for you, personally or professionally?

It’s to be the best father, husband, friend and family I can be. No matter what.

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