20 Under 40: Trevor Greenway

Meet Trevor Greenway, co-founder and CEO of interVal and one of our 20 Under 40 Class of 2020 recipients

AN INNOVATOR AND steadfast believer in technological transformation, Trevor Greenway has guided the conversion of a former merger and acquisition advisory firm – one that developed software to help themselves – into interVal, the world’s first interactive business valuation software platform.

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Who has been your biggest influence?

I have surrounded myself with two key mentors that have had a massive influence on how I have learned to be a better entrepreneur and leader. Between their advice, and ensuring I’m constantly learning from my failures, I’m always moving in the right direction. I try to be self-aware in everything I do — and I know there’s a lot of stuff out there that I still don’t know.

“Don’t be afraid to question everything, and don’t assume that the way things have always been done is the way things should be done” ―Trevor Greenway

What have you had to overcome to get where you are now?

Entrepreneurship in general has so many obstacles — and these are compounded by Covid-19. In a world that moves so fast with technology, it’s so important that you remember to slow down and show people why technology can make their lives better — and more human — when deployed effectively. That can be a real challenge sometimes; we’ve all programmed ourselves to either be completely adoptive of new technology, or pretend the digital ­transformation isn’t coming.

Knowing what you know now, what would you tell a younger you?

The best ideas and solutions will seem crazy to some people — because there’s probably a reason people haven’t done it before you. Don’t be afraid to question everything, and don’t assume that the way things have always been done is the way things should be done.

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Favourite non-work pastimes?

I golf — poorly — when I can find the time. I like to go for a run every morning to clear my head, give me some time to think before the workday starts and listen to podcasts.

What movies or shows have you been ­watching?

Does Paw Patrol count? Eventually, the kids go to bed, and sometimes I get sports on in the background.

Guilty pleasure?

Sour jujubes. If my wife buys them, she can’t be surprised when they’re gone the next day. 20 Under 40: Trevor Greenway Trevor Greenway 20 Under 40 Interview by Kieran Delamont

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