A more meaningful transaction

Paystone partners with loyalty program provider Unity Values to bring businesses a new cause marketing tool  

Photo: Paystone CEO, Tarique Al-Ansari (file photo)

LONDON-BASED FINTECH FIRM Paystone has announced a strategic partnership with Halifax-based Unity Values, a registered charity and cause marketing platform.

Through this partnership, Paystone will offer businesses the ability to provide loyalty members with the option to convert loyalty points to dollars that can be donated to any charity of their choice.

According to the firms, cause marketing and corporate philanthropy are quickly becoming leading strategies for customer acquisition and retention with 87 per cent of consumers making purchases because a company advocated for an issue they cared about.

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“Both Paystone and Unity Values understand the importance of creating impactful opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers,” says Tarique Al-Ansari, CEO of Paystone. “Now, businesses will be able to give their customers a voice in how their organization drives social good.”

This solution, which leverages both partners’ technology, empowers the consumer to give to a cause they love while providing businesses deeper insight into their customers’ values. No matter its size, a business now has the ability to support global causes or build a stronger community connection through local charities.

“With our solution, a business’s social responsibility spend can have a direct and measurable impact on their stickiness and bottom line,” says Stephen Skinner, CEO of Unity Values. “Loyalty is all about engaging the consumer, and when a business can ask its customers what they value and then show them exactly how it will support those values – that is what builds strong lasting customer relationships.”

The integration is available now as part of Paystone’s engagement platform with additional features planned for early 2021. A more meaningful transaction Paystone Fintech

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