Protecting our frontline heroes

stevensE3 barrier solutions help keep St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital healthcare workers safe and operating effectively

PROTECTIVE BARRIERS HAVE become a common sight in many essential workplaces and have played a crucial role in creating safe environments for workers and guests. But nowhere is that impact more obvious than on the front lines of the pandemic — in clinics, testing centres, pharmacies and hospitals.

It’s something stevensE3 knows well. When the pandemic hit, the company (which in normal times specializes in building custom trade show and exhibit displays) pivoted to custom installations of protective barriers, recently completing a major hospital project at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH).

As part of the project, stevensE3 installed protective barriers in over 30 different high-traffic areas, including nurses’ stations, patient areas and administrative areas.

Barriers for nursing stations help protect nurses, administrative staff and patients

“This is keeping our frontline workers safe,” says Cam Stevens, president and third generation leader of the company. “We worked in a collaborative and consultive way to create barriers that allow people to interact in a safe manner and feel comfortable about the environment that they work in.”

An effective barrier, says Stevens, is one that both protects you and reassures you.

“It’s part mental and part physical,” he explains. “I was chatting with the staff at STEGH, and they said this adds a level of comfort for our staff, and they feel more comfortable working in this environment and feel more protected.”

“It has been a pleasure working with the stevensE3 team to acquire these new screens and have them installed. From the first meeting to the final install, I was very pleased with the professionalism and quality of workmanship” ―Brendon Ager, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital project coordinator

Their installations aim to make the operations of the hospital quicker and more efficient. All of the work was designed for the hospital itself, ensuring that the layout was not obstructive or awkward.

At a basic level, says Stevens, it is not all that different from their custom trade show booth installations. “We came in and assessed the area to determine what kind of barrier protection was required ― basically a needs assessment,” says Stevens. “Following this we prepare a solution, provide drawings and do the installation. Installing trade show exhibits has been our business for almost 100 years. This is very much the same application of what we already know. It comes down to helping our customers with their specific needs.”

Barriers for administrative areas address flow-through traffic, daily interactions and physical-distancing measures

At the core, stevensE3’s expertise involves thinking about ways to make safety measures feel unobtrusive — to allow employees to focus on their work and to enable them to work in a familiar way. Installing permanent barriers in patient areas, for instance, makes it easier to sanitize rather than swap out curtains. Barriers in the doctor’s boardroom allow them to work collaboratively, like they might have before the pandemic, while remaining compliant with social distancing measures.

And their custom ProfTector product — a mobile barrier that was first developed for lecturing professors — has proven to be a valuable tool in hospital training situations as well, where trainees benefit from working up close with their trainers.

“At the hospital, they found that these protectors allowed them to demonstrate and train on machines that they would not normally be able to train on with pandemic protocols, because you needed to be looking over somebody’s shoulder as they were demonstrating,” Stevens notes. “With this portable barrier that we were able to wheel into place, they were able to stand behind the barrier, and the person training could watch what the other person was doing without being in their space.”

Innovative barrier solutions for collaborative meetings, patient areas and mobile training

The installations have helped reassure staff about workplace safety and helped them work effectively. Hospital staff “feel more relaxed,” Stevens says. “I wouldn’t suggest that people should be irresponsible about physical distancing protocols, but these solutions do add a level of protection, comfort and flexibility in a work environment.”

“It has been a pleasure working with the stevensE3 team to acquire these new screens and have them installed,” says Brendon Ager, project coordinator at the hospital. “From the first meeting to the final install, I was very pleased with the professionalism and quality of workmanship.”

If your business or organization is looking for solutions to keep your environment safe and operating efficiently, stevensE3 has you covered. Check out their Custom PPE Soultions, Back to Business Kits, the Get Back to Business Safely Online Store or contact the company directly for more information.

This story was created by Content Studio, TreeTown Media’s commercial content division, on behalf of stevensE3.

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