StormFisher receives industry honour

Local biogas producer StormFisher has been recognized for its renewable natural gas production technology

A LOCAL RENEWABLE energy producer that develops natural gas from food waste was awarded the 2021 Project of the Year honour by the Canadian Biogas Association last week.

StormFisher, founded by Brandon Moffatt, Pearce Fallis and Chris Guillon, was given the award in recognition of their renewable natural gas production system, which processes over 120,000 tons of organic waste into renewable natural gas at their London facility.

In short, the facility takes organic sources like compost, industrial food waste, packaged foods and, through a process called anaerobic digestion, processes it into renewable electricity and renewable natural gas.

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“The entire StormFisher team is extremely proud to receive this award,” says Moffatt. “The addition of our renewable natural gas production system is one of the first to produce renewable natural gas from food waste to help solve both the food waste and carbon emission challenges.”

Renewable natural gas has been a hot industry of late, with big promises of net-zero and potentially carbon-negative fuels. Having long been popular in Europe (where in countries like Denmark they supply around a fifth of all gas consumed), the technology is making inroads in North America, with energy companies viewing it as a kind of green bridge fuel — a more sustainable way to fuel sectors like transportation, manufacturing and heating that are trickier to completely decarbonize and transition to renewables. (Though, just how green this technology is can sometimes be a matter of fierce debate among energy providers and environmentalists.)

StormFisher receives industry honour StormFisher EnergyThe StormFisher facility at 1087 Green Valley Road

“These awards recognize and honour the accomplishments of industry leaders in the biogas sector. We are proud to showcase successful Canadian biogas projects and provide well-deserved recognition to organizations like StormFisher who are creating sustainable solutions to create a safe and clean planet,” says Jennifer Green, executive director, Canadian Biogas Association.

Biogas is expanding quickly in Canada, with nearly 300 biogas facilities now operating, producing the equivalent of three per cent of Canada’s natural gas demand. It is likely to be a growing industry in coming years, as Canada aims to meet their international emissions reduction targets.

The Canadian Biogas Association says the industry has the potential to sustain more than 1,800 new facilities and a $21 billion contribution to the Canadian economy. “Biogas offers economic and social stimulus to Canadians and plays important roles in local communities, including investment in innovation, advancement in clean technologies, engagement of youth, and job creation,” says the association. “Biogas production generates diverse revenue streams for farms, industries and municipalities, creates new jobs in the green economy and offers attractive investment opportunities.”

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StormFisher could well find themselves as drivers of that expansion. Its London facility is owned by their partner, California-based Generate Capital Inc., who have plans to scale their biogas technology North America.

“We’ve developed several sustainable waste management assets with StormFisher over the last several years and plan to do many more,” says Scott Jacobs, CEO of Generate. “We’re thrilled the hard work, dedication and innovation of the StormFisher and Generate teams were recognized with this award.” StormFisher receives industry honour StormFisher Energy Kieran Delamont

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