A brand of its own

Motif Labs launches cannabis products brand Floresense

LOCAL WHITE-LABEL CANNABIS extraction company Motif Labs is launching its own brand of cannabis oil, the company announced on Wednesday.

Called Floresense, the brand is going to launch in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with two products — a high-dose CBD oil, called Clear CBD 100, and a more balanced oil with a 2:1 CBD to THC, called Clear Balance.

Florense products are now stocked at the Ontario Cannabis Store website as well as in select stores in the prairies; the company also says they will be expanding into British Columbia, Alberta and New Brunswick “in the coming weeks.”

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Motif Labs began as a company who provided extraction and concentration services for other licensed cannabis producers who wanted to make ‘cannabis 2.0’ products — edibles, oils, distillates — but lacked the technology or specialized equipment to process it effectively on their own.

A brand of its own Floresense CannabisMotif Labs CEO, Mario Naric

Motif has had its eye on something like this for a while. This announcement comes a few months after the company was approved by Health Canada to produce retail-ready cannabis products.

At the time, Motif Labs’ CEO Mario Naric (a London Inc. 20 Under 40 recipient in 2019) said the approval would allow them to bring other brands’ products to market more quickly, but Floresense represents their first independent foray into the consumer cannabis market, their trademark registration suggesting they may have plans to sell medical and recreational dried cannabis, oils, chocolates and live plants.

Officially, Floresense says it is expecting to expand its Clear product line “shortly,” and also said that it will be launching two categories of vape products, called the ‘Artist Series and ‘Herbal Series,’ that “will highlight the calibre of unique, innovative and locally-grown cannabis strains in Canada.” A brand of its own Floresense Cannabis Kieran Delamont

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