2023 20 Under 40 Program: Frequently Asked Questions

2023 20 Under 40 Program: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is London Inc.’s 20 Under 40 awards?
It’s an annual list of 20 people who have achieved success in their chosen career before turning 40 years of age. Winners are profiled in a special edition of London Inc. and recognized at an awards gala.

2. What are the qualifications for London Inc.’s 20 Under 40?
First and foremost, we look for an individual’s career success. We are also very interested in knowing about their community service, as well as participation in trade groups and non-profit boards. We look for a cross-section of impressive people from a wide range of industries who are ahead of their time for their age. This means they’ve climbed the ranks of their company or industry and have a lot of responsibility at a relatively young age.

3. I would like to nominate someone, but they turn 40 in 2022. Can I still nominate them?
No, those chosen must be no older than 39 by December 31, 2022. If they turn 40 in 2022, they are ineligible for the award. Nominations for anyone who does not meet the age requirement are discarded.

4. Who decides who will be this year’s 20 under 40 recipients?
Judging is done by a panel consisting of London Inc. editorial staff, previous 20 Under 40 winners and community business leaders.

5. How can I nominate someone for 20 Under 40?
Nominations must be submitted online at www.londonincmagazine.ca. To nominate, you simply require your nominee’s name, title, phone and email. London Inc. then contacts the nominee and supplies them with a comprehensive nominee submission form, which must be completed by the nominee in order to accept and finalize the nomination.

6. When is the deadline to submit a nomination?
The nominations deadline is midnight on December 31, 2022. The deadline for nominees to submit their nominee form is January 6, 2023.

7. Can I just call you or send you an email with the name of the person I’d like to nominate?
No. The proper online form must be filled out.

8. Can I nominate myself?
Yes, we accept and encourage self-nominations! You can nominate yourself, a client, a family member, your boss, an employee or an acquaintance.

9. Does it help if many people nominate the same person?
No. Only one nomination per individual is required.

10. Will more than one nominee from the same company be accepted?
Yes. More than one nominee from a single company can be nominated separately on their own individual merits.

11. Do you accept business partners nominated together?
No, we do not accept partners as a single nomination. While we realize the success of many businesses is derived from outstanding partnerships or a strong team of leaders and staff, the London Inc. 20 Under 40 Awards highlights the strengths and successes of individual business and community leaders.

12. Do you tell the nominee who nominated them?
No, we do not reveal the source of the nomination to the nominee. But please feel free to let your nominee(s) know you’re a fan and have nominated them!

13. What kind of questions are on the nominee form?
In addition to personal contact information and educational/training background, the nomination form includes questions about a nominee’s:

     · Most significant professional achievements in his/her career thus far;
     · Demonstrated leadership abilities and experience;
     · Community involvement;
     · Company information (employees, revenue, major projects, growth levels);
     · General description of why a nominee is worthy of an award.

14. Are nominees asked about revenues and other business details?
Yes. Nominees are asked to provide specific examples of business or professional growth and impact in the community. For entrepreneurs and business owners, detail such as revenues, whether a business is profitable, how profitable and staffing levels are important details that play into the judging process. For professionals, we seek information and measurements on career growth and results within their field and organization.   

15. Is company information kept confidential?
Yes. Only 20 under 40 judges view the nominee’s information submission and all material is kept confidential.

16. How does the judging process work?
After the nominee submission deadline, all information is compiled and distributed to the judges for review. A short list is compiled first, followed by a second round of judging to make the final selections.

17. What is required of those who are selected as recipients?
Candidates who are selected must make themselves available for an interview with a reporter and participate in a photo shoot with London Inc.’s photographer. They are also required to attend the awards gala.

18. I received an email saying I was nominated, what do I do now?
The email you received telling you that you were nominated includes a fillable pdf nominee form. To accept the nomination, you must fill out the nominee form by the stated deadline. The form includes detailed questions about your career achievements, education and community work. It also asks for references. When you have completed it, please follow the submission instructions and you should receive an email confirming that it was received.

19. What will happen if I don’t complete the nomination form?
If you have been nominated but do not complete the nominee form, you will not be eligible for the 20 Under 40 awards program and your information will not be sent to our judges for consideration.

20. I was not picked for a 20 Under 40 award. Can you tell me why?
Unfortunately, the volume of nominations received does not allow us to provide individual feedback for each candidate. If a nominee remains under the age of 40 in the subsequent year, we encourage them to be nominated again. Many of our 20 Under 40 alumni were not selected as recipients in their first year of submission.

If you have additional questions, please contact London Inc. founder & creative director Gord Delamont: [email protected] 

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