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For Let’s Make Results Consulting Inc., gaining access to products, people and pipelines looks to be a winning number

Photo: Rita Fieder, founder of Let’s Make Results Consulting Inc.

IMAGINE BEING THE founder of London Widgets Inc., a home-based business you created in 2017.

You and your staff of four sell widgets across Southwestern Ontario and have built a roster of grateful clients. They ­appreciate your speciality widget knowledge and the way you consistently deliver what you promise. You are thrilled with your success but dream of cracking new markets — across North America and maybe overseas.

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But the infrastructure for that kind of growth is beyond your reach, an order of magnitude beyond anything you could take on. Still, you dream.

Then you hear from Big Widgets Inc., a global firm that sells a slightly different style of widget. It recognizes your ­excellence and has decided the best way to expand its ­operation is to buy your firm. With access to Big Widgets’ technology and influence, your growth potential is almost unlimited. Best of all, you will continue operating in London and expand your staff here.

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When you look at things that way, it’s easy to understand why Rita Fieder sold her business, Let’s Make Results Consulting Inc., to Ascend Fundraising Solutions of Toronto in April.

Of course, neither company makes — or uses — widgets. Instead, they help organizations of many sizes and shapes to run charitable fundraising events and programs.

“The technology Ascend provides makes this a terrific partnership. We can grow within their structure” ―Rita Fieder

“The technology Ascend provides makes this a terrific partnership,” says Fieder. “We can grow within their structure.”

Prior to starting her business, Fieder worked for the London Health Sciences Foundation. “I ran the Dream Lottery and developed a passion for fundraising. After a while, I decided to spread my wings.”

As hospitals across the country saw how popular home ­lotteries were, dozens more sprung up. As they grew in ­number and complexity, many foundations turned to ­outside organizers for help. Fieder’s first hospital project was St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Then she began working with the London Humane Society, launching a Catch the Ace lottery that adapted a traditional 50/50 format and was very popular. She continues working with London Health Sciences, running its two Dream Lotteries per year.

During the pandemic, many charities turned to online fundraising to replace traditional dinners, galas and golf tournaments. LMR helped many implement programs that served as a funding lifeline of sorts, giving people a way to support charities they believe in. LMR is paid either a flat fee or percentage of funds raised, depending on each charity and product.

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Ascend is based in Toronto but has offices in New York and the UK. Its CEO, Daniel Lewis, is managing partner of Orange Capital Ventures, which owns Ascend and has investments and projects around the globe.

Ascend counts several professional sports leagues, ­including the NHL, MLB and the NFL, as clients and has built a name for itself in operating the online 50/50 draws during major sporting events.

In the few months since the acquisition, Fieder has already more than doubled her staff and is excited about the opportunities to grow. The first step will be to expand within Canada, but she doesn’t plan to stop at the border. Combination bet make results Mergers & Acquisitions Christopher Clark

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