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London-based empyri expands its cannabis skincare line with moisturizer produced with hemp seed extract

LONDON-BASED SKINCARE brand empyri, which makes skincare products using ingredients drawn from cannabis plants, expanded its product lineup this week, introducing a moisturizer produced with extracts from cannabis seeds.

The product, called holistic hydration daily moisturizer (all lowercase; empyri eschews capitalization), is based around “hydrolyzed cannabis sativa seed extract,” which the company says has been clinically shown to smooth wrinkles, heal dry skin and improve elasticity.

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“We know that hydrated skin means healthy skin, so we’ve used the best that Mother Nature has to offer to bring you holistic hydration so that you can nourish your skin daily,” the company says. “Empyri’s new cream includes Aquaxyl, a naturally derived active ingredient that works to redistribute your skin’s water reserves, and hyaluronic acid, a natural compound that holds 1,000 times its weight in water, so it locks in moisture for smooth and radiant skin.”

Seeding product growth empyri ExpansionPhoto: empyri founder, Jennifer Grant

Founded last fall, empyri launched with three products (a cleanser, toner and moisturizer), all formulated around ingredients found in the cannabis plant (but not the fun ones — none of empyri’s products include THC or CBD, relying instead on some of the many other therapeutic compounds in the plant). What makes this new product unique, according to empyri, is the use of hydrolyzed cannabis seed extract, a water-soluble compound that shows up in a variety of other cannabis-based skin and haircare products.

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“Hempseed oil has been used in cosmetics for decades, known for being deeply hydrating and non-comedogenic, but seed extract from cannabis plants is little known in skincare,” says empyri founder and biochemist, Jennifer Grant. “I’m excited to launch this new moisturizer infused with both cannabis seed oil and extract, not only because the clinical research shows how beneficial it is for skin, but also because one of empyri’s goals is to improve the utility of Canadian-grown cannabis by finding innovative ways to use each part of the plant.”

If moisturizers aren’t your thing, some patience may pay off here — empyri says that they are also expecting to launch a men’s skincare line as well as a line of cannabis root infused teas by the end of the year. Seeding product growth empyri Expansion Kieran Delamont

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