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Green Economy London and the London Environmental Network announce the recipients of the 2021 Green Leader Awards

Photo: The 264-panel solar installation at Heeman’s

GREEN ECONOMY LONDON and the London Environmental Network have announced the recipients of the second annual Green Leader Awards, which recognize and celebrate environmental stewardship and sustainability work of member companies in the region.

“These businesses are proving that reducing their carbon footprint and practising environmental stewardship can improve their bottom line, mitigate business risks, help develop a credible brand and improve the ability to attract and retain consumers, shareholders and top-tier employees,” the two groups said in a released statement.

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The year, the award categories were expanded to recognize additional work going on within the network, says Green Economy London hub manager, Natalie Merchant.

“Despite the many challenges brought forward by the pandemic, we are excited to celebrate the success of our network and community members who continued to prioritize sustainability over the past year,” Merchant says. “[The work] exemplifies that a green recovery is possible and necessary for creating a sustainable economy in London.”

A total of nine awards will be presented to seven area firms and two individuals. The recipients will be presented with the awards on October 28 at a presentation at RBC Place London. Here are the 2021 award winners: 

Emissions Reduction Project of the Year Award: Heeman’s

Recognized for its renewable energy generation project, which includes 264 solar panels that produce up to 128,000 kWh of electricity per year and generate enough energy to supply close to 60 per cent of their yearly operational energy needs.

Green Innovation Award: The Ice Box

Recognized for a solar panel installation on its mobile food truck, which powers all of its refrigeration equipment, along with implementing a mason jar program to reduce the amount of single use disposable container waste.

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Green Innovation Award: Western Fair District

Recognized for The Wormery, a vermicomposting steam at The Grovewhich composts and diverts over 40-plus tonnes of organic waste from landfills.

Rookie of the Year: Tepperman’s

Recognized for prioritizing sustainability in their operations, including extensive HVAC energy retrofitting projects, building automation systems updates, LED retrofitting, waste diversion programs and numerous environmental stewardship projects, including pollinator garden projects in London, Windsor and Ancaster.

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Environmental Stewardship Award: Convertus

Recognized for an ambitious program to implement 10-plus stewardship projects over the next three years. They have completed many of these projects over the past year, and are close to achieving the target.

Green Project Implementation Award: Reimagine Co Zero Waste Grocery Store

Recognized for opening London’s first package-free grocery store and promoting and providing education on how individuals can adopt a zero waste lifestyle.

Community Impact Award: Urban Roots London
Recognized for its community composting project that successfully diverted 3,205 pounds of organic waste from local landfills.

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Youth Leader Award: Indra Bishnoi, PhD student, Western University

Recognized for accomplishments that including getting the first UWO climate emergency declaration passed as chair of the graduate sustainability committee, and for her intersectionality work on creating an eco-friendly fashion brand focused on educating the South Asian community on environmental stewardship.

Sustainability Champion Award: Brendon Samuels, PhD student at Western University

Recognized for his extensive environmental work in the community including helping London become a bird-friendly city and educating students about biodiversity and climate change mitigation. Good to be green green Awards

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