Swooping back in to YXU

Ultra-low-cost carrier Swoop is returning to London with flight to Edmonton beginning in June

FOLLOWING A PAUSE in service due to impacts of the pandemic, Swoop has announced its return to London International Airport (LIA) with non-stop, ultra-low-cost service to Edmonton from London.

Flights to Edmonton are set to commence from London three times per week on June 2, 2022.

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“Swoop was a hit in London before the pandemic, offering convenient flights to top destinations at a low cost,” says Michael Seabrook, LIA president & CEO. “We’re optimistic that we’ll see more Swoop routes make a comeback soon. Today’s announcement is a positive step in the right direction.”

“We are thrilled to re-establish service to London International Airport with the announcement of our non-stop Edmonton flights this summer,” adds Charles Duncan, president of Swoop. “London International Airport has worked hard to keep its costs and fees low. They are aligned with our low cost model and partnering together we’re confident this route will be a huge success.”

Prior to the pandemic, LIA was serving nearly 700,000 passengers annually, with 40 commercial airline departures daily to over 14 destinations. By mid-pandemic that number dwindled to just a couple of flights.

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The daily flight count is gaining, with about seven or eight flights out daily now, but coveted international flights are still not permitted at LIA. Earlier this month Ottawa announced international flights will be permitted to land at eight Canadian airports beginning November 30, but London is not on the list.

Some of the airports permitted to have international flights are in cities with smaller populations than London or Windsor, both of which were left off the list as airlines gear up for flights sun destinations this winter. Swooping back in to YXU Swoop Transportation

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