20 Under 40: Louise Poole

20 Under 40: Louise Poole Louise Poole 20 Under 40

Meet Louise Poole, 39, partner at Davis Martindale LLP, and one of our 20 Under 40 Class of 2021 recipients 

DAVIS MARTINDALE PARTNER, mother of three and dedicated community-builder, Louise Poole approaches all aspects of her life with positivity and a drive to innovate. Promoted to partner after just three years with the firm, she has helped lead the Davis Martindale Business Valuation & Litigation group to achieve significant year-over-year revenue growth, a doubling in personnel, expand its lines of service and, with a recognition of our rapidly changing business environment, has played a key role in the early development phases of internal AI-powered automated business valuation technology.

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Who, or what, has been your biggest influence over the course of your career?

I have had many great mentors throughout my career — too many to name names. Many of my mentors have had different leadership styles, so I have tried to observe their styles and learn what works for me as a leader.

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What about your biggest obstacles — what have those been?

It’s not a secret that it’s incredibly challenging to have three small children and run a busy ­practice. Perhaps secondly: building a practice in my thirties has presented challenges at times. Being a young partner, I have had to build people’s trust in me and my work, but also develop my own confidence in building and presenting reports that are critiqued by other professionals with many more years of experience.

What’s left for you, personally or ­professionally?

I am looking forward to continuing to give back to my ­community and to developing the next generation through my ­involvement in the Fanshawe College board of governors, my children’s school and activities and mentoring future chartered business valuators.

You’re alone on a desert island — what’s the one thing you bring with you?

I’m a total extrovert — I could not do this alone! I would definitely need to bring another human being with me on this adventure.

Guilty pleasure?

Wine, coffee … and ­occasionally sleeping in past 5:30 a.m. 20 Under 40: Louise Poole Louise Poole 20 Under 40 Interview by Kieran Delamont

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